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  1. Hello All, Has anyone had any issues getting the Missions to run on Fums with epoch 0340? I have my HC running successfully but no missions start, it has been working in epoch 0331 and I have made no changes to either my headless client or my fums before I updated my epoch to 0340, and yes I am running fums 2.1 a just incase this is the issue. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you rhammer
  2. Unsleeper it sounds like you are having a similar problem to mine... the only dirrenece is my palyers can not loot or move items from there inventory to a vehicle or vice versa. rhammer
  3. Hey there Face, thanks for responding to our posts, In the interest of getting this issue fixed, what information can we provide you, if you would like you can join my teamspeak and I can work with you on getting you what you what you need. I really want to see this fixed so those of us that are having an issue can go back to using your script. by the way my teamspeak is ht.ts0.eu that is ts0 (a zero and not an oh) I can be found on there pretty much from 6pm cdt to about 10 pm cdt Thanks again. rhammer
  4. Unsleaper Are the Ai running in place at any time and do you have problems with people not able to add or remove items from there inventory?
  5. Hello Squirrel, Yes I am on the latest version of A3EAI
  6. just to give you an idea on what is happeneing on a CPU level, here is what my proccess monittor looks like when the server freezes up Notice the Ripple effect across all Processors normally they would all be up and down with little to no valleys...
  7. Hello Makasouleater, I have tried all you suggested above including removing all my Vehicle Patrols and I still get the Freezeing, I have spoken with at least one other server owner who has stated they have gone so far as to start out with a fresh install of there server with no scripts and they also get the same issue with A3EAI. Could Face please chime in on this issue? This is getting real annoying, when this happens my server is completely locked up, My RPT even stops being written to. I have turned on debugging for A3EAI in the hopes that I may see something there but as it writes to the RPT I can not see what is happening when the freezing happens. The only thing I can equate this to is it looks similar to a memory leak. There has got to be a solution to this, I am sure I am not the only one having this problem. The only thing I have found that will fix it so far is to Not run A3EAI which I do not want to do here. I have had alot of good fun with this script when it was running but right after the latest arma update it has been giving me all these problems.
  8. I have the same settings if not lower settings than I did before the update to Arma, I even went back and turned down the numbers of roving patrols just to be certain. when my server starts to freeze up I see a pattern in my resource monitor across my 8 cores..I have also noticed that when I shut the server down ( I am on a dedi Box) my server files stay hung open in the background. I am at a total loss here, I have turned off my Headless client which runs my Fums missions and I still get the freezing. as for my server setup I have several scripts. I have R3F towing and lifting, Mag Repack, earplugs, Etv, Halv Spawn, Service point, Donkeystats, DP Real health, action menu, spawn bike or mosquito , Infistar Antihack, Dynamic weather, No cloakers, No Sappers, No UAV's, and Kill Messages. All of which were functioning just fine along with A3EAI just prior to the Arma update as well as the epoch update. I have alos trie to vie my RPT but when the server freezes the RPT stops being written to. I have a teamspeak server if anyone would like to come there and attempt to assist me. If so please PM me and I will give you the server address. thanks.
  9. Anyone? I am having issues with my server freezeing every so often, I have tracked it down to A3EAI and I am not sure what is causing it, I have the latest version of A3EAI and Arma 3 1.52 as well as Epoch If I disable A3EAI I have no issues at all.. I could really use some assistance on this. Thanks Rhammer
  10. Hello All, Has anyone had any issues with there server freezeing when running a3eai? I seem to be having this happen alot, if I disable a3eai my server runs great Any thoughts? Rhammer
  11. Hello the Horbin, Are you aware of any issue with the headless client and the latest upgrade of Arma3 (1.52) I seem to be having issues with my server freezing after a few minutes when I have the headless client running, After about 5 minutes the server will unfreeze and everything works fine. if I disable the headless client and FUMS I am working fine. Thanks rhammer2003
  12. First off I appologize if this is in the wrong gropup, I am having issues with my server freezeing randomly after I updated to arma 3 1.52, is anyone else having this issue and if so do you know if there is a fix? Thanks. rhammer2003
  13. Hello All, I am attempting to update my server to 0330 from 0320 and I keep getting the following error message whenever I start the server up...A3_epoch_config requires addon A3_epoch_assets....I have added all the correct files and I have also tried using the supplied Mpmission files and I still get the error. Anyone have any ideas why I would be getting this? I can not get my server to run the update at this time. thanks In advance.
  14. Hello, I am trying to get my markers working also thru my Mission.sqm, I have the marker showing up fine but can not get my text to show up. everything looks correct to me. please look at my markers and let me know if any of you see an issue. the maker I am trying to show text is Item 3 could someone assist with this? class Markers { items = 4; class Item0 { position[] = {14939.934,0.053499073,15083.272}; name = "center"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item1 { position[] = {23600.639,3.19,18000.72}; name = "respawn_east"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item2 { position[] = {23600.611,3.19,18000.768}; name = "respawn_west"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item3 { position[] = {20871.3,0.0014143,19198}; name ="northfob"; text ="Military Vehicles"; markerType ="ELLIPSE"; type ="Empty"; colorName ="ColorRed"; fillName="Grid"; a = 300; b = 300; }; }; };
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