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PublicVariable Value Restriction #1


Right Ok recently decided to start back up an epoch mod server as I used to enjoy this mod a hell of a lot. Noticed since my last stint its been updated to 1.0.62. Started from scratch followed instructions through to the word. On starting server Ive been getting the above restriction. Checked my logs and yes as other posts in forum have stated its to do with "remExField". I notice several have had replies stating that we need to remove a line from PublicVariableVal to resolve this issue. This is to do with the log and kick for an open bracket ie 5 (. I must note I actually think this is incorrect. Ive folloed this through firstly by replacing it with 1 to log only (no resolve!) and of course then completely removing the line so it shouldnt actually pose ANY problem but still get the restriction error occur upon joining server.

Now the question if. If doing the above does not resolve the issue Im having then what could possibly be causing this issue instead. Ive tried most suggestions on the forum here and have so far had no luck.



*EDIT* Since writing this post. I seem to have resolved my issue. Not sure why its working but I take back the statement regarding removing that line out of PublicVariableVal to sort my issue out. It seemed I needed to shut down the server and restart it for changes to take effect. Also I had noticed my BEC tools were not starting up correctly and resolved that also at the time and am able to connect now. I'll tag post as "solved".

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11 hours ago, leegreaves said:

It seemed I needed to shut down the server and restart it for changes to take effect.

This is correct. The only Battleye filter that can be changed and applied while your server is running is scripts.txt. All other filters require a restart.

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