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  1. Nice one Juan...ill check that over and if i see class names that can be added here, I'll do that.
  2. Yeah ive made the necessary changes already to get loot spawns and water wells working etc. I made another post in this subforum listing the changes that need to be made. Quite a list, and will add to it if anyone comes across any others. I changed the fuelstation classname so they being with Land instead of MAP. Theyre the only thing I need to test out to confirm if they are working or not.
  3. Short video preview of map live on server:
  4. Now i know this may seem as if, at first, is in the wrong subforum, but please let me assure you I feel it needs to be in this section so can be easily found by content creators. As most of you are aware, when editing, adding your buildings/vehicles/objects etc, everything comes out good for you. Well almost good. Im writing this post regards to after you put a base addon on a live server, and the fact that, for some creators, wonder why loot is not spawning in buildings etc or pumps are not working when you go to take a drink. It all boils down to the class name. So to make things that bit easier Im just creating a list that people can refer to when editing their SQF in order to get things working. I've found a few already from very old posts (of which I had an idea about already) and one or two objects that I found to be the cause of issues ie not working! If anyone finds additional buildings/objects etc they feel should be added to this list just put it in a reply and I will add it to the list. Also if admin feel this topic is worthy of being stickied, then please do that, as that will make it easier for members to find and refer to in a glance.
  5. OK...so im gonna preview the base on my server for a few days. Work still needs to be done to it but need to bug check it properly on server. People are more than welcome to come test it when ever they want. Not gonna say the whereabouts...i'll let you find it for yourselves...so go find it, have a peek around it and IF you find anything you feel needs sorting let me know here also if you have any feedback on how to improve/expand upon it, ill see what I can do. Here's a Clue: The town name sounds like a dessert! Server Name: "[RG] Rebel Gamers" Server IP: Port: 2302.
  6. @juandayz I had a suspicion that it was to do with the default system with epoch i didnt think it was anything to do with the workshop mod. Now i just need to work out whats going on with it so that I can find a way to fix it.
  7. Not quite that...but you know the workshop you can create when you look at your plot pole, thats the one im on about...if i stand within 3 meters of the workshop (the shed one created via plot pole) it comes back with that error. Am i missing something here...or do i need to create something else in order for it to work. I do have a workbench created via your workshop mod @juandayz
  8. Ok so put down a plot pole yesterday...created a workshop from the plot pole menu when you look at the sign. Ive noticed that I am unable to create wood floors/walls from the options when right clicking the lumber in my inventory. I come up with an error "Must be within 3 meters of a workshop", even though im standing right next to the workshop. Would anyone know why this may be happening and what needs to be done to resolve this issue. Im not sure if its something to do with the epoch files (configuration issue???) or if it may be to do with a mod, if in case of a mod issue, the only one I think it could have anything to do with would be juandayz Workshop mod for 1061.
  9. I've started using this mod on my server, but come across a few issues, these being BE issues and getting kicks left right and center. Ive added the BE filters that are mentioned earlier in this topic but am getting quite a few kicks which are to do with "CloseDisplay". What is basically happening when you go into "Manage Workshop" if you click a selection you will get a few kicks, the main one being a script restriction 8. It seems to be two in particular that are affected CloseDisplay 7000 and CloseDisplay 7002, instead of making a filter for each individual kick that occurs I have added the following 2 lines to line 8 of my script filter (it may be a different line for other servers though but very unlikely). Anyway look for the line that is your "5 CloseDisplay" and add the following filters to the end: Im doing it this way so that its a "wildcard" filter. So that any possible kicks that occur containing these lines will be filtered and you wont get kicked for them. Also I have noticed a problem when trying to construct building items, it may not be to do with this mod but am going to ask anyway. When I attempt to build a wall or floor at present using materials in my inventory, i get a message saying that I have to be within 3 meters of a workshop. This occurs even though im standing right next to it. Would anyone know why this is happening?
  10. i assume it can just go at bottom of file and doesnt need to be in any particular section of variables.sqf.
  11. quick question...where abouts should this line go? I've presumed mission side init. Ive added it in my list of epoch config variables in init.sqf.
  12. Just one question, you mention this line. I didnt do this part, you mention config files - which config files to confirm.
  13. I had already done that, I wasnt in particular saying that I was getting confused BUT would you not agree that under any circumstance when things change especially in the case of a version change for epoch, then if there are major difference between how they are structured from on versus the other then instructions should be updated also. In my case I've installed mbc, I just need to test it to verify its working in my case.
  14. I feel this topic needs updated install instructions to reflect the changes made. Albeit that some people may be able to work out what they need to do (changes wise) themselves to get this working, there are differences between the way 1051 and 1061 are cofigured in files. For example there are some differences between the two that people may get confused with when trying to work out what they need to do to install this on 1061. In the original post it says Find: class DayZ_loadingScreen Then place some code below it (CfgSounds) in description.ext. Seeing as this instruction does not exist in (at the very least MY) description it MAY very well confuse some admins reading this. Obviously that may well be overcome if they already have a cfgsounds section already. Also the way you configure cfgSounds seems to be slightly different to how it was done in 1051. This is the part i am trying to work out how to do for myself. I'll give you an example of the subtle differences: Im using juandayz workshop cfgsounds as a comparison. Compared to the mbc cfg sounds: Do you notice the differences? They are only subtle BUT they could be a source for potential problems for someone who may not completely understand everything about scripting (and yes that does include me to some extent). The rest of the install instructions seem to be straight forward onwards but those two minor issues may cause the entire script not to work for someone who might not fully understand what they need to do. I feel that IF a script is updated for 1061 then at the very least instructions on installing it should ALSO be updated as well to reflect any changes made regarding the differences between the way 1051 and 1061 are configured. In the meantime ill be pushing on and seeing if i can workout what needs to be done...
  15. Adding these to my server. Im sure will be a nice addition.
  16. Images added. Check reply #2 below OP. So anyone have any pointers as to why objects such as water pumps/barracks arent working ie cannot drink at pumps and loot not spawning in barracks? Only thing I can associate this with is the class name. I compared it against a base someone publised and noticed some differences e.g. The fuelstation is not working (the "Needs Power" message does not appear when parked next to it). What I noticed between my sqf and another one is the class mine says "MAP_A_FuelStation_Feed" whereas the other sqf had "Land_" instead of "Map_". Could this be the reason why these items may not be working as intended when I test it live on my server.
  17. Urggghhhhh Randomize? Damn that would be a pretty big undertaking for this particular project, but only due to the due size of it. Yeah smaller bases could be randomized quite nicely as it doesnt take long to make a few in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, with my base, this (ALL i will say at moment) is on a size and hopefully par with the NWAF that you see on here or even dayz standalone. Hence making 2 or 3 versions of this base would probably take 2-3 months to complete. I've surprised myself that Im further down the line with getting this one developed a lot quicker than I thought I would. There are a few glitches to correct ie dead bodies placed in air instead of the ground, the HUGE TV tower that you see like on green mountain being out of alignment due to the constraints of the ground its sitting on (you go to adjust it and it goes all craaaaazzzy on me) and a few other things. Im actually testing it right now on my server and performance seems fine (BUT yes it IS only me on server as locked server out until ive had a couple of days checking it over). I have come across one issue that I noticed, testing it on a live server, the barracks that I have placed are not spawning loot, the water wells arent working for some reason. Things like this I need to iron out, or if anyone has an idea on those small issues give me a pointer will ya - any small help will be appreciated and those who help in a big way if i have any major issues can come check it out before I open the server back up (once I've completed the project and opened server back up that is). Anyway I lost the plot...Thanks Juan...yeah its good to see NEW content being created for a game thats still going fairly strong. The day the content stops...is the day we all may as well CTRL+ALT+DEL!
  18. Yep all working now...id missed just that one line out and because of that the class/loadout/spawn selections were not showing. And I hadnt even checkout the configs video either...id got through the install vid and double checked my install...still gonna check out the config video all the same anyway so that I can customise setups. @JasonTMCheers jason...maybe link your vids in the OP so that people can go over them as thats how i found the mistake I had made.
  19. Cheers Jason...ill go take a look at them *EDIT* Hmmmm just sort of watched your first video (installation) and thought id just take a quick look through everything I had followed through. Seems I missed the last step out adding #include "spawn_config.sqf" to the bottom of server_functions on the server side. Lets see what happens now! Its a good tip for anyone who's having problems to check/double check/TRIPLE check that you havent added something incorrectly OR (in my case) left something out of the installation steps! Fingers crossed everything should be "fine and dandy" now that i've added that missing part into server functions.
  20. Nope for some reason couldnt get it to work, and thats by putting the code in both files. Not sure why the selections arent coming up at spawn for me. Im pretty sure ive added the script in correctly as per instructions, but may have to check rpt just in case but i dont think thats the cause as dialog boxes show up when respawning. Just to clarify which file should this be added to, and where abouts in the file or does it need to replace some of the existing code in there?
  21. Yeah i do agree at FIRST it seems overly complicated but im sure its set out this way to allow for best compatibility AND adaptability. I read through the documentation and feel that perhaps a little more indepth explanation on how to set up your classes could have been done. All the same though thanks very much for this Ill probly grab this code and have a test of it later to see how its done...Im one of types of people who learn by doing things by example, so in order for me to learn I have to try something out thats already been done and then expand from that hence using this setup will hopefully help me that bit better to understand the way ESS is set out. Fingers crossed!
  22. Ive added this to my server, but not quite sure how to add classes/loadouts/spawn selections into it. Id probly get the hang of it if i read it over a bit more but was wondering if anyone has any existing configs they wouldnt mind sharing - so i can see how things are configured (ie the structure of each loadout/class etc). That way I can see visually what needs to be done and can then create my own config.
  23. Quick update....well outer wall is all done...added airstrip/hangars section...started on some roads inside the area...and also some buildings...still a lot to go. This weekend ill either take some screenshots or a short video to show what is done so far.
  24. Im putting up my script for a makeover of the NEAF. I did release this before back with Since has come out I decided to retest to see if it would still be fine , which it is. So im reposting it for anyone who might want to make use of it. Just put the following in a new file called NEAF.sqf (or whatever you want to call it and create a new folder called "buildings" (if you dont already have a folder called that) in the root directory of your server pbo. In your server_functions.sqf file in your init folder add the following to the bottom: call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NEAF.sqf"; I do ask that the credits ARE left in this file and that no other person claims credit for this version of a better North East Airfield. NEAF.sqf: Link to original post which includes images of NEAF:
  25. Yeah Ive noticed the new method for spawning custom content in, think its a shorter form instead of the standard way arma 2 calls it all. Bit long winded having to call a custom script in the editor. Now if someone was to create a cmd line or an exe with gui to convert a custom map sqf from long to the newer short form adopted by 1061 id be pretty interested in that. Im assuming the new short form being used has less impact on server performance which im sure we all agree is a good thing to have.
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