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Yet another kill feed script for A3 Epoch

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  •     The script was inspired by Halv's killfeed script from 2015 but was rewritten from scratch.
  •     Major changes are the script now ties in to the built-in epoch code for handling player deaths, does not rely on public variables, and uses remoteExec to tell the server when a player kill has to be handled. In addition, almost all of the     messaging functions have been moved from the server to the client.
  •     Other changes include making available the use of the epoch messaging system as an optional way to tell players about kills, and optional logging of PVP kills.
  • A dynamenu-accessed study body option
  • A dynamenu bury body option


    The EpochMod team for the amazing framework thy have provided.

    Halv for the original killfeed for A3Epoch 

   Gr8 for some improvements in the GUI

    He-Man for helpful tips in dealing with deaths from sappers.

    Tarabass for many many helpful suggestions and extensive testing.

Download:  https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/kill-feed

Installation:   https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/kill-feed/blob/master/INSTALLATION.md

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