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hello, i have somes questions, on infistar exile, restart appear like that 


    enableSystem = "true";

        Locks the server when it starts, adds an eventhandler that kciks all players "on join" until the mpmission is initiated.
        That was the server can start up more properly and "build" all bases before the first players get in..
    LOCK_ON_RESTART = "false";

        I would recommend to use USE_RESTART_TIME_IN_M = "true"; instead of USE_RESTART_FIXED_TIME_ARRAY
    USE_RESTART_TIME_IN_M = "true";

        Restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours)
    RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 180;

        diag_tickTime (starts with arma3server.exe), time (starts with mpmission init)
    TIME_FUNCTION_USED = "diag_tickTime";

    RESTART_TIMES[] = {    /* {hour,minute} .. put in the times when your server is supposed to restart (real time). */

    USE_SHUTDOWN = "true";
    SERVER_END_FUNCTION = "#shutdown";    /* SERVER_END_FUNCTION -> #shutdown or #restartserver */
    RESTART_WARNING_SOUND = "air_raid";    /* for example: Alarm or air_raid */

    LOCK_MIN_BEFORE_SHUTDOWN = 5;                /* Locks the server x min before it gets shutdown */
    RESTART_IN_X_ARRAY[] = {15,10,5,4,3,2,1};    /* Announce the a restart x mins before it happens (x stands for each number) */

but in infistar A3 it appear like that


/* shows RESTART IN X MINS */
_USE_RESTART_TIMER = true;    /* true or false */
_RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 240;        /* restart time in minutes */
_SHOW_TIMER_IN_MIN = [1,2,3,5,10];    /* minutes before restart, when message is shown */

how can i do if i want server restart every 4 hours from start at 00 o'clock like inside the infistar exile config ...

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InfiSTAR for ARMA3 does not do automated restarts. My recommendation is to use BEC to shut the server down (together with issuing server restart countdown alerts) and either a server monitor batch file or Fire Daemon to restart the server (highly recommend Fire Daemon). I believe a search of this forum will present you with several alternate server monitor scripts in any case

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