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Debug Menu Inaccurate 1.0


I hope this is the right place to posit my question. It appears after an update to version 1.0 the debug menu does not correctly display the stats in some cases. Most seem to work but Karma is the one I was working with specifically. It seems that in the database the numbers are correct and the database updates as changes occur but when viewing the debug menu my karma maintains the number 1498 no matter what I do. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?

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Epoch 1.0 made changes to Karma and was moved to the new Community Stats system
This allows for long term usage as a persistent value.:cough: humanity is dead, long live Karma :cough:

I have done a few tests regarding this and am seeing Karma changing in both debug and redis.

By any chance what are you as a player using/doing to trip a Karma value change?

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