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  1. Sarge AI

    If you would like to help test the rolling updates I have updated the development branch. Updates will be pushed frequently.
  2. Sarge AI

    After hours of testing I have released 2.3.0. There was a major overhaul of the code placement and variables regarding loadout arrays. Changes are as follows: - [Fix] Fixed a bug causing friendly AI to have head wraps. - [New] AI women have been added to the spawn function. - [Change] AI Skills decreased to 10% multiplied by a maximum of 2 bringing the highest possible skill level to 20%. - [Change] AI loadout variable names were changed to a more uniform template to simplify the customization process. - [Change] Major changes to code blocks and variables were done to make customizing more intuitive for server owners. - [Change] AI are tied to nuisance, rewarding players an +10 points for bandit kills and -20 points for friendly kills. Known Issues - Error Undefined variable in expression: upsmon_guer_total
  3. Sarge AI

    I went ahead and pushed a very minor update 2.2.8 that now runs the UPSMON scripts from the mission PBO. This will no doubt increase the mission PBO size but will significantly increase the performance of the AI all around. I finally have some free time and I expect to push out another update with some much needed changes either today or tomorrow.
  4. [WIP][REVIVAL]SargeAI Genesys

    Here it is. Note the folder tips as they both are named addons. I have not shared this before so it is not in any sort of order. I just made it work and left it alone lol. There will be spam in the rpt about UPSMON stuff but that is due to the scripts being abandoned and not having the time to resolve each issue. From what I could tell it is something to do with the array it stores groups in. The first object is always null no matter what I do :/ but it does work and our server has no noticeable performance drain with lots of players even. @ViktorReznov https://github.com/Teh-Dango/A2-SargeAI
  5. Sarge AI

    Cool. If you get it going I will add in the files if you like.
  6. Sarge AI

    Alright, I pushed a minor update to fix and prevent some things. All chernarus maps will now use a single grid file and a single groups file to prevent confusion between various chernarus maps. Commented out incompatible features till I can make them compatible with epoch. Replaced arma 3 helicopter to use the epoch version for heli crashes. Some things I am still working on: Replacing basic arma 3 weapons/items/vests/uniforms with epoch versions. The best method for UPSMON scripts. Base guards to work with the epoch base objects.
  7. Sarge AI

    Essentially, yes it is. The code block for the supported maps is a bit old but for the most part the guide works the same. Just no longer using the try/catch method for custom error handling. You need to create a mission, save it, add the sarge files and turn on all the debug options. Then save and reload the editor mission. Preview the mission and open the map. You will see the grid and then you adjust it in the files and keep reloading till it is where you want it.
  8. Sarge AI

    NPs. Late replies happen. The first two issues stem from the redux map not being supported. Simple fix though. If you look through the supported map setting you will see how it determines if the map is supported or not. I will update it soon to include redux. The last issue is one I have struggled with for a while. It is a result of putting UPSMON in the server pbo. I am currently testing with it in the mission file. Works much better as it was written for this method but it spikes the mission file size by 2K+. Not optimal but hey, it works properly. The endless spam does not impact our server much but we may have less traffic than you do. I may even switch this to a workshop mod to keep things smooth . We'll see :/
  9. [WIP][REVIVAL]SargeAI Genesys

    Cool. I will make a git repo for it hopefully tonight.
  10. Debug Menu Inaccurate 1.0

    I hope this is the right place to posit my question. It appears after an update to version 1.0 the debug menu does not correctly display the stats in some cases. Most seem to work but Karma is the one I was working with specifically. It seems that in the database the numbers are correct and the database updates as changes occur but when viewing the debug menu my karma maintains the number 1498 no matter what I do. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
  11. [WIP][REVIVAL]SargeAI Genesys

    I would be willing to share my working dayzmod version if you like. There are still some errors but nothing that breaks the server or affects performance. All of the items and weapons are vanilla dayz so it should just work.
  12. Sarge AI

    Could you post a snippet of the errors. That way I can compare to mine. Thanks!
  13. Sarge AI

    I freaking love sarge's ai. They are always so unpredictable lol.
  14. Sarge AI

    I can also confirm the friendlies are in fact friendly now. If you shoot one they will be hostile to you as intended. Thanks again :D
  15. Sarge AI

    So far I can confirm that bandit kills are no longer reducing Karma so that is a huge step in the right direction. Thanks for pointing this out @Grahame