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  1. Sarge AI

    I cant think of what would cause it to not find the files other than them not existing where the server expects them to be. Have you verified the files are not actually missing?
  2. Sarge AI

    If you turn off the extreme debug variable it should remove the grid overlay.
  3. Sarge AI

    I am unsure of a minimum distance from players but if you enter a square they shouldn't spawn behind you unless you teleported there or you are moving very fast like in a vehicle.
  4. Sarge AI

    Doh! I knew something was wrong about those sides lol. That will work fine I believe. If the bandits do not attack on sight then just add back in the setFriends but use the proper faction. I will update the repos with this as well.
  5. Sarge AI

    The sar_heli_type variable is now fixed. I also removed some files I did not mean to upload. If I had to guess I would say this script was causing something else to fail. Lets see if this fixes it. As for the UPSMON_GUER_Total error, that is one of the known issues. That one shouldn't have any effect.
  6. Sarge AI

    Alright the patch is pushed. I do not have a PBO manager where I am so you will need to repackage it. No changes are required unless you use custom loadouts.
  7. Sarge AI

    Patch incoming.
  8. Sarge AI

    dang sorry about that. let me see if i can push something this afternoon. if not it will be sometime after work today about 5pm EST.
  9. Sarge AI

    Just pushed a major update 2.4.0. I have left debug options on so you can see what is working and what is not. I recommend to turn them off once you verify all is working.
  10. Sarge AI

    Well, @Sneer I cannot seem to reproduce this for the life of me idk why. I have seen it before so I know it is not just a random bug. As far as I ever found out it is caused when the loop no longer has an AI object to run for. Generally from the unit being deleted if players are not close enough, if that unit dies or something else that causes the unit to 'disappear'. Look over the grps file in the map configs and be sure you have no static spawn using the FORTIFY module for UPSMON. @natoed yeah this mod is like my hobby so it will continue till I am over scripting arma lol. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.
  11. Sarge AI

    Okay. The dynamic spawns do not use FORTIFY to my knowledge but I could have changed something along the way. The two mods shouldn't be able to see each other and cause issues but I guess anything is possible. I plan to setup a few static spawns with FORTIFY and see if I can figure out what is happening. In the meantime you could disable the A3EAI and see if you still see that error. I always recommend not to use Sarge with other AI systems to avoid conflict but really it should be fine.
  12. Sarge AI

    Had a bit of trouble last night with my server so I was unable to finish testing. I noticed that the module giving the error is FORTIFY. Are you spawning any static units that are using FORTIFY? If so you may be able to go to them in game and see if they are there and if they are doing anything like protecting a building.
  13. Sarge AI

    Hmmm even more strange. Alright, I will do some investigating tonight and see if I can recreate the error.
  14. Sarge AI

    I had some debug info on it previously but I removed it since it was basically working, spawned on the HC, or not, spawned on the server. So either way I was not worried about it flat out not spawning but perhaps it would be better to add that back in. I have a small loop script that will say the number of entities local to the HC. I will add it to the repo tonight after work. Basically it makes the system chat talk in the HC window. As for that error, I hang out in towns usually but I do not get that error or at least not enough to notice it. Maybe there is some incompatibility somewhere. What map are you using?
  15. Sarge AI

    @Sneer That building script has given errors before but usually for a reason. Perhaps that unit died while the script was unfinished. Does it spam or is it spread out? As for the HC it does not require a special name to my knowledge but I notice the HC for this Epoch was somewhat...complicated. It looks for any entity with the string HC in the name. It uses the function isEqualTo instead of a definitive operator. Are you having issues with it?