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Script restriction #55


I'm trying to set up my server but whenever I join, I get kicked with "Script restriction #55"




18.06.2017 16:42:46: [me] 95aae1bb0066c96fd890ca8b4a0f6ea1 - #55 "indDisplay 0 displayCtrl 3107182);
_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate ["RscHTML", 3107182];
uiNameSpace setVariable ["rp_display"


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6 answers to this question

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11 hours ago, RedLink said:

In scripts.txt in line 57, replace 7 by 1


That stopped the script restriction #55 problem but now I'm getting kicked for script restriction #48

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Changing from "Kick and Log" to only "Log" isn't a long term solution for something that pertains to security. I recommend you switch that line from 1 back to 7.

You need to edit the filters to exclude what is being caught in the filter.

For Script Restriction #55 you need to add this to the end of line #57;

!="_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate [\"RscHTML\", 3107182];"


For script restriction #48 you've got unfiltered addEventHandler code getting caught by line #50 but I can't give you an edit without the logs.

If you rather PM me you can, or if you have Discord you can find me on the Epoch Discord as "Vampire".

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