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Nancy J Berghammer

Ability to look right and left while in a vehicle.

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Up until the last upgrade I have always been able to look to the right or the left while in a vehicle using my mouse. Now I have to use the Alt key which doesn't make any sense at all. Also the menu that use to show in the upper left corner to change your weapon doesn't show anymore either. And the 1, 2, 3 buttons in either Arma3 or Epoch doesn't work either. I have to use the semi-colon to change the weapon. I enjoy the game and I would like the options that I have had since I first started playing this game back again. I have over 2800 hrs of playing Arma3.  Thank you.

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Thank you for pointing out the correction to the problem of moving right and left in a vehicle. That worked.

However I still have the problem with changing the weapons - the numbers don't work in either Arma3 or Epoch mod. The menu up in the left top corner of the screen used to show the ability to change the weapon and now it doesn't and I have to use the semi-colon to do it now. This doesn't make any sense and there must be a way to handle this problem.

Thank you again for the other correction.

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I don't know why, but sometimes the Weapon Switch with the Mouse wheel was "lost" by arma.

Then you have to reload the keyboard presets.

You also can set the weapons manually on 1.2.3 keys in the Keyboard settings:


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