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Mission only once per restart

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its dependend on the missionsystem.

but basically you want to do something like this:

1. find the array which contains the missionnames (e.g. in DZMS: DZMSMajorArray)

2. find the scipt which selects the missions. (e.g. in DZMS: DZMSMajorTimer.sqf)

in there, the mission gets selected (_varName).

after it was selected, substract it from the array like this:

3. DZMSMajorArray = DZMSMajorArray - _varName;

now the array contains all mission minus the selected ones. (works only if the arrayname is a global variable, or directly used in the script as a private variable)

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Thx for your answer. It worked almost as you said. The DZMS code needs a few adjustments and it work. Thx again mate

Code to pick a mission should look like that:

    //Lets pick a mission
    _varName = DZMSMajorArray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
    DZMSMajorArray = DZMSMajorArray - [_varName];


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