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Epoch 1.0.6 Update Linux?

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soon there will be a update to 1.0.6, and as I'm hosting on Linux with the Linux-Server port, I was wondering whether there will be an update to the new version.

Furthermore I thought I could report a bug  within this post here:

- Sometimes, when the Server is running a long time (2hours) and there are more than 15 Players online, players lose their gear after a relog. -> Maybe the writer is too slow?


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    • By NinjaInGreen
      Ok guys, please help me to clear the situation.
      I have dedicated server and i wanted to setup EpochMod on it. I checked github repos, youtube guides, etc, and i'm really confused.
      There is no working epoch version on linux.
      I checked denisio's github (it uses, i checked emestee's github with his automatic scripts. Second one is based on first one. And i dont see any chance to make to work on linux, the greatest system to run game servers.
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      is there a way to install epoch on linux
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      i have been wanting to change the time while playing on occasion and for some reason the time reverts back after 5mins...?
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      I am able to build the foundation for the DayZ 1.8.8 Fortifications (Gate, Fence) however I cannot upgrade them. I dont get the option to upgrade even though I have the required materials in my inventory, while I still get the option to dissasemble.
      This is on a server that is running DayZ epoch 1.0.6
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      the Anzio_20 does not have a picture in the traders
      when selling items at the trader the Anzio_20 does sell but is not removed from player inventory upon receiving the payment

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