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Calling all Axeman(s)

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Saw changelogs for 0.3.9 Exp and yeah!

[Added] Player option to Morph into a random antagonist (from deathMorphClass) after death. The array 'deathMorphClass' found in CfgEpochClient can be used to specify what antagonists to randomly spawn.

[Added] Player option to detonate body after death. Sacrifice yourself by generating a runaway thermal cascade using the nano bots within your body. Nothing left to revive.

[Changed] New Sapper antagonist config options:
reflexSpeed - Set the loop pause. Defaults have been lowered to make sapper more responsive.
nestChance - A percentage chance, at each sapper spawn, that he will create a nest.
hideLevel - (Fear Emotion) Set level at which sapper will go into hiding based on fear of armed players, being shot near etc.
chargeLevel - (Anger Emotion) Set level at which sapper will trigger 'charge the player' mode.


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When I get a chance he is going to get some updates, the default reflex speed lowering helps with trying to dodge them.

The antagonist spawn was heavily tested by my Son and I, it's a lot of fun.. I suspect however, it will be loved or hated, not gonna be many sitting on the fence :)

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I for one am down for these changes - (cheers Axeman!) if anyone wants to hop in and test w/ a friend you can see how it evolves in the Experimental servers:  Search "Bullet Buffet" in your server browser and enable the right addons :)  (or play on Axeman's server in his signature) In order to test the "morph" and "detonate" you will have to have another player kill you, doesn't count when an antagonist kills you.  Also have a look at the "nuisance" value as you fire your weapon- this influences antagonist spawns too!

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