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Plot Poles

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I like Toejam's suggestion of marrying a plot pole with a code, it would make the whole issue of plot poles a lot easier to manage from a player and admin perspective.



  1. Place a plot pole, get a code.
  2. Any time they wish to expand thier base they'd have to enter the code. (once per login / use of plot pole, similar to the way safes/locks work)
  3. If they die they'd just have to survive and make it back to thier base, enter code, profit.



  1. No longer has to spend time deleting objects for players.
  2. Would make abandoned base deletion easier!
  3. Can concentrate on other server issues, scripting, modding etc.
  4. Gets some time to play Epoch and enjoy all the stuff they've added for thier players!

If the dev's could work such a thing into Epoch it would be win/win all round.

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Thanks guys, I did make it a seperate thread as I felt it was getting lost inbetween the trolling others were doing: http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4915-plot-pole-idea/


Hopefully we can get that thread bumped up a bit more, its just a clone of my post pretty much.


Though I like Uro1's idea, when you enter the code you can then delete/add buildables in the area, that might work on a much simpler to code scale!


Something like:

Enter code to plot pole if code is correct player = friendly to plot pole

Remove option on buildables in XX area given if player = friendly to plot pole

Build option in area of XX given to player if player = friendly to plot pole.


We need to put much more of this stuff into the players hands ideally to free up admin time, some of us really struggle to play and honestly I only started playing again in the last two weeks thanks to the area base maintenance option relieving my admins of so much work to remove inactive bases and thats not due to indestructible buildings primarily as people wont waste time destroying things if they dont need to.


Axe Cop provided me a reason to play again and I cannot thank him enough for his script and consequently the Epoch devs for implementing this into the code!

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