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  1. My god this looks soooo goood! I'm excited =).
  2. Taviana is head and shoulders better than any other map in my opinion. Haven't played too many though =).
  3. I'm looking to join one! I will be joining next week after I get back from a family reunion. Australia seems a bit far away as far as ping is concerned but i'll keep my eye on you =).
  4. I'm looking for a Taviana server with the ability to choose where you want to spawn. Not exactly but similar to origins where you could choose a town? Does anyone know if there are any servers like that and could possibly point me in that direction? :)
  5. You don't think that loses all your gear is enough? We just go to the trader and buy 10x toolbox and 10x crowbar for plotpoles. Its not like we need to venture to find tools..
  6. Its very aggravating to have to remove and put down the plot pole again whenever you die. Is there any way to attach the plot pole to a GUID and have it populate a list of people that GUID tags as friendly? I'm sure that this has been brought up before but I feel like it deserves a little attention :).
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