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  1. Does it work with soz, on break from missus No chance to read entire post Bags
  2. Nice to see mate, someone that is giving or giving back to the community... I'm no scriptor by any stretch, but will gladly help anyone if I can, and I can follow instructions.. I will be watching with interest definitely mate Bags
  3. get some sleep mate, im sure it can wait till tomorrow and thnx for all the help bags... I'll have a look for the client logs...
  4. OK Axe Cop, I tried disabling the AH, and it didnt work...and then tried it without BE as well, and still the same problem remains.... Not sure wtf is going on tbh... :huh: Thoiugh, I'm pretty sure I screwed something over though Just not sure what Bags
  5. Thnx, never even thought of that one mate....testing now link has been removed and files deleted in my above post Bags
  6. And my character select screen is the same as ragfire's... no info on the character there either...just noticed
  7. OK in the DB, I only have slot 1 listed so far, and here is a link for my files.. they are in a zip format, simply because I work with the files instead of as pbo's edit: link removed and files deleted noob mistake Bags
  8. Yeah, I with Vilayer server provider, so I mainly work with the files and when I start the server, it compiles it into a pbo... I'll get the files for you though mate Bags give me a few
  9. I don't get any errors showing, but I get the character selection screen, but even if I pick slot 2 or 3, I get slot 1... I know it's something simple, just can't see it mate Bags
  10. I have it working mate, well sorta.. I followed your instructions to the letter, and the pic comes up to choose a character, but its the same one all the time.. Any suggestions on where I screwed up Bags
  11. I don't remember ever being able to access gear in the drivers seat unless it was via the map access that Axe pointed out out above, which was removed Bags
  12. Would you be so kind as to share this tidbit of info plzz mate... it may help me out with something that I've been trying to get to work Bags
  13. Actually I think ToeJaM nailed it with his reply, #17 if you want to read it... Though how to make it work like that, is a completely different matter, for better heads than mine anyway Bags
  14. WOW, my suggestion would be to be happy with what they put out when they can... your playerbase will understand, I know mine does,even so far as coming back after I had some issues with my provider... So, deal with what you get, when you get it...and if you want to modify it after they have released their vision... then so be it Bags
  15. Damm Axe Cop, another fine script coming out of that head of yours.... Looks awesome BTW, if you need others testing it mate,I'm sure there are a few of us that are willing Bags edit I'd say that have a limit of one change per hour would be fine.....timed from when you changed last
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