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Hello, first off the title may be wrong, but I was not really sure what else to call it.  On my old server If you rolled/ or clicked(can't remember which) the scroll wheel You get the hand that's pointing downward.  If you aimed it at something it would say "house" if you were pointing at a house and say how many meters you were from it.  Also you would get players names, or if you pointed at an AI heli it would say the heli's name in red so you would know it's AI.  See screenshot's below.  I can't for the life of me remember what I did to turn those on.  I moved most of my server files over to the new host.  My dayzcong is setup like the old one.




If anyone knows how to turn this on please let me know. 

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Hell sampson

I think you need to look into this: 

i think it's 

WeaponCursor=1;		// Shows the crosshair for your weapon


FriendlyTag=1;		// Displays information on friendly units. ONLY WORKS WITH 'Weaponcursor=0', eg crosshair on.
EnemyTag=1;		    // Displays information on enemy units


Hope this helps.



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