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Server not publicly visible, can only see it when i remote to it

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For some reason my server is not publicly viewable when you filter for it. But when me and my friends enter in the IP address and the port for the server, it pops up. What could be causing this? I have already forwarded the ports from my server box.

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Check your Steamport and Steamquery in your config.cfg file.


This is what my config.cfg file looks like, still cannot view it in the server list. Only when we specify the IP address and port when we click remote within arma.



hostname            = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

password             = "";

passwordAdmin          = "xxxxxxx";

logFile                = "A3Master.log";

verifySignatures       = 2;

BattlEye            = 1;

requiredBuild = 128075;

steamPort = 2304;

steamQueryPort = 2303;

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Mine, sometimes I can let it sit there looking for it and after like a whole minute or so it will pop up, other times it just doesn't find it at all.  Pretty sure we have settings correct.  Chalking it up to Steam being poopy.

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Here is the info.


Ports can change if multiple servers. I use port 2602,2603 and 2604 tcp\udp.



Arma 3

If your Game port is 2302

Than Steam Query is 2303 and 2304


Arrna 2

If your game port us 2302

than Steam Query 2300 and 2301


Port Forwarding.


Make sure on your router. You forwarded  2302,2303,2304 to your server local IP Address. Make sure you open TCP and UDP.  


That's all that needs to be done. 


Also get your public IP address and use this site to make sure all the ports you opened are open




If your using A3laun and you don't see your server, That's because A3Launcher is shitty app. Until and delete it. Use the new updated Survival Launcher. 

2 Reasons for not seeing Server
1. No -port-2302 in startup command line

2. Ports are not open correctly on router and or computer.


Simple as that. If it doesn't work after this. Than 1 of the 2 are wrong are setup incorrectly.

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This is the solution I'm almost certain; had this exact issue myself and it solved.

Which file does the -autoinit belong in? I have the same problems with my servers. Most of the time they are not visible in the ArmA3 server browser (public list).

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