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  1. Hmm, where can i found the MAP ESP option? I open my Server Menue with F1 and don´t see any option for that... Are you using Infi***** ??? Then this would be no option for us...
  2. I will aks an other Admin, they had the same problem...
  3. Hi all, after a long while playing DayZ Standalone and Dayz Epoch on different Servers we decided to create our own Server for DayZ Epoch Chernarus. I just want to take the chance to introduce our server to you folks and it would be great if someone join and settle up his base with some friends. The first 15 new Player will get a nice starter package to set up a base and start up a little bit easier! Our features: [Chaos Network] English/German DayZ Epoch Chernarus Server [Active Admins, 1000+ Vehicles, more Missions with different level of difficulty, Snap Building, Custom Map with more full loot able Content, Custom Traders, SelfBloodBag, Tow/Lift all Vehicle, Free Refuel, Regular Updates of Content, Savezones and many more...] ( 112555) [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:ON|DM:ON][GMT+1]" IP: Port: 2302 On DayZCommander you can also find us with [Chaos Network] http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ An own Homepage with Ticket System and a Facebook Group/Site will come soon. Please share with your friends if you like! Thx and Regards :D Toby_ASS /Server Admin
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