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  1. I played on the 2nd server, but I could only play for like 10 minutes due to New Year's Eve family event. I can't really give an opinion on the mods, scripts, or the player base. But performance wise everything was running smooth and my frame rate was maxed. What did surprise me though was the 5 meg download in the beginning, I think that's the highest I've seen thus far. Is it due to all the additions, mods you have put into the server? I'll play more today after I get off work around 230pm EST, and I'm off this weekend. So I'll be able to see everything the server has to offer. If you see a guy named Frosty that's me, thanks Viper.
  2. Ok cool, I'll try and hop on to check it out when I get off of work later. Thanks.
  3. So I've been gone for a year from Arma 3 Epoch. I've noticed so far from playing yesterday that they added Solar Panels, the trading and interaction menu is different, and that's it so far. Is anyone able to possibly give me an overview of the bigger changes/additions over this past year? Thank you.
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    Wait, what do you need to add to the Scripts.txt exactly? I made the change to the init.sqf already in the past but did not know I had to make a change to the filters,
  5. Thanks guys, had to apply some BE script filters after the change. Thanks for your help.
  6. As I thought, so it's radius based from the point of deletion. Like a bubble of destruction of sorts? LOL, yea I hope they fix that soon and fast.
  7. For some reason this isn't working for me, I keep getting "Warning Message: Script epoch.Altis\loadout\loadout.sqf not found" in the RPT log. This is what I Put in the loadout.sqf, I've tried other ways but it isn't working. this is what my epoch.altis.pbo looks like, I put the above loadout.sqf in the loadout folder. In my InitServer.sqf I used the following below. Is that how I'm supposed to type in where the file is located in the directory? if (isServer) then { [] ExecVM "epoch.Altis\loadout\loadout.sqf"; };
  8. Yes, I forgot to put that in this thread. I have it in another thread, Does it still hurt/kill you if I back up with enough distance?
  9. Can't wait to update to 0.8 on my server when I get home!
  10. I would love to use this, or any type of script that just breaks their legs or hurts them when they talk on side chat. Is there one currently available now?
  11. I made mine even simpler, I just want the players to have 1 soda, and 1 food into the default pack you start out with, a radio for Vampire's AI missions, and clothes for either male or female.. So from what I gathered so far is I have to do the following six steps, and paste that content I have below the steps into the loadout.sqf and that is it? 1. Create loadout folder inside mission folder 2. Create new .sqf and name it loadout inside loadout folder 3. Paste the contents into the loadout.sqf 4. Add [] execVM to your mission init.sqf 5. Repack PBO and restart server 6. Add BE filters for the gear you added by getting kicked if (!isServer) then { waitUntil {!isNull player}; waitUntil {player == player}; while {true} do { _player = player; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { player addWeapon "EpochRadio0"; player addItemToVest "scam_epoch"; player addItemToVest "ItemSodaRbull"; _modelMale = (typeOF player == "Epoch_Male_F"); _modelFemale = (typeOF player == "Epoch_Female_F"); if (_modelFemale) then { player forceAddUniform "U_BasicBodyFemale"; }; if (_modelMale) then { player forceAddUniform "U_C_Poor_1"; }; }]; waitUntil {_player != player}; }; };
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