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Epoch FAQ

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We get a lot of questions so lets get the information out there:
Q: What's the deal with Epoch and it's Sponsors?
A: Our sponsors provide us with a free server/dedicated box for testing. In turn we put their banner on our webpage. We do not receive profit from any GSP in the form of affiliate deals.
Q: Do you guys make money doing this?
A: No, in fact it actually costs money. Donations and ad revenue from the site are used to pay for the website software licenses and server rental costs. Most team members do accept donations on there own and we have also been known to do crowdfunding like: limited edition T-shirts and the funds from this type of fundraising are shared with the team.
Q: Can I depbo, edit and update any of the content in Epoch pbo's for my own use?
A: Yes, for your own use but you may not redistribute it. As Our License states it is not permitted to redistribute derivatives of our work. Instead we encourage the community to report bugs and provide feedback on what they would like changed here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues
Q: Does your license prevent me from customizing my server?
A: Absolutely not, you are more than welcome to customize your server. Learn from our code examples and documentation and add your own new code to run along side Epoch. The Epoch Mod Framework is meant to be customized so if you find something you cannot change, let us know about it here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues
Q: Can I monetize my server while running Epoch Mod?
A: Yes, as long as you follow the rules set by BI.
Q: Why does Epoch Mod not release more often and with more features?
A: Simply put time and money, We all have jobs we must attend to and family's to raise. If we could monetize part of the project with a one time low price we could all dedicate much more time and get more features and assets added quicker.
Q. Why does Epoch not have X,Y,Z feature that DayZ Epoch did?
A: We likely just have not gotten around to adding it yet as the scope of A3 Epoch is very large, we had to initially limit the scope of the project to be able to work out the framework and core systems. Given time we will be adding more features you maybe familiar with, and new ones that may surprise you. 

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