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[SOLVED]Ded Server running only withhout BEC


Hi all,


I installed and configured A3 epoch server recently. It was quite easy, but now i cannot make it work with BEC and admin menu, actually i can see that bec is running ok and it gets connected to Rcon but still im getting Restriction #0 error during the waiting to connect screen... please help ??

Bec, Arma OA/3 Server Tool V.1.604
Copyright (C) by Stian Mikalsen

Email : [email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>
Web   : http://www.ibattle.org

Remember to donate for more great updates!


22:04:46 : Starting plugin : WatchDog V.0.16
22:04:46 : Checking for new Bec version...
22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for admin file...
22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for command file...
22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for BE filter files...
22:04:50 : Bec is running latest version! : 1.604
22:04:50 : Connecting to Battleye server xxxxxx:2302
22:04:50 : RCon admin #1 (xxxxxx:56272) logged in
22:05:00 : Player #0 michalss (xxxxxx:2304) connected
22:05:02 : Player #0 michalss - GUID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (unverified)
22:05:02 : RCon admin #1: (Global) BEC : Super Admin michalss Connected
22:05:02 : Verified GUID (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) of player #0 michalss
22:09:21 : Player #0 michalss (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been kicked by BattlEye: PublicVariable R
estriction #0

All looks perfect and working but getting kicked...


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Look for your publicvariable.log file and figure out why you got kicked. (it's in the SC/Battleye folder).


Remember you need to change quitte a few paths in all the cfg files; don't rush it, and read the readme from the server files and follow it to the letter.


Without any logs or files we can't help you much.

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ok i got it... this is a huge problem and it should be clearly state in config file!!


This variable  

adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"ID","name"}};
need to has double brackets!!!! 

Thank you so much for this post! I was pulling my hair out...

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