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[How-To?] Edit loot table

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i'm looking to add a radio to the loot we can find on zombie soldier/police but don't know how to do it...


and i also want to remove all the item spawn from berezino


and maybe reduce the chance of spawn of some rare item like NVG etc...

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Zombie loot is added here:


The config file for the loot selection is revealed in there too.

Can't find it at the moment am on my phone :)

Interesting idea. I don't see the need to control the overall amount of objects in the game though, just control the supply and allow an economy to form ?

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Would interest me aswell how to add custom loot, I found some lines in the dayz_code config.cpp:


        itemChance[] =    {




That was under MilitarySpecial (Barracks), so I assume its the loottable for Barracks. I edited it but I cant get the new weapons like the M107 to spawn, I set the chance to find it to 99% but still no M107.



Can somebody explain me how I make those weapons spawn? Cause we really want the DMR back on our server (and some other guns aswell) since a Mk12SPR doesnt fit a DMR...

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ok i will take a look,


why control the object : to add difficulty ^^


and anyone have an idea about how to tottaly remove loot from one zone?

for example on my RP server we have made berezino zombie free , it's now a survivor city BUT the loot continue too spawn and it's not really good ...

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