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  1. Hello guys, I got a big issue. I cant join ANY servers since today, I get constantly kicked for corrupted data #5. What I tried so far: Reinstalled Battleeye completly (including the battleeye.dll into the right file direction) Reinstalling Arma II and Arma II Operation Arrowhead COMPLETLY. Reinstalling Epoch, Arma OA Beta Patch. So what shall I do I cant join ANY servers due to that error...
  2. Hey guys, logged today into my server and saw that my base completly dissappeared with exception for a shack and the safes inside + logbox. Even the workbench dissappeared. I mounted a plotpol aswell and satchel charges etc are completly disabled. Means people probaly didnt destroy it. Cleanup cycle got set to -1 today so it should be disabled aswell. The base was made out of cinder walls with metall flooring and H-Block Barriers, all within the 30 meter plot pol radius. No vehicle or anything got damaged, just every building with exception of safes and workbench got wiped... Any explanation?
  3. Hello guys, as the topic says our players dont like the "feature" to "maintain" your base every few days which means looting items you may not find often (e.g Cinderblocks, Mortar). So how do we remove that completly?
  4. Hey guys, got a little question: Where do I find a sledgehammer grip? I searched pretty much everywhere but didnt find one yet... How big are the spawn chances where do I have to look for it?
  5. Oh ok I understand, so basicly its there to avoid people to spam tank trap kits etc in one place. And thanks for the little code you posted, going to integrate that tonight ^^ Thanks alot :)
  6. Hm custom loadouts, looks pretty interesting. Will consider adding this to the formatgames public server. Well atleast so admins start with a different skin and a golden revolver + ammo on their admin "character"/ID. Thanks for sharing this :)
  7. Hello again guys, got a few more questions so we can finish the setup for our server and it would be nice if you could help my friend and me out with that: 1. As of Epoch V there was a build limit added, a build limit of 150 buildings per player. We would like to increase that a little since some of our people already build fairly huge bases. Is there a way we can set that to say 400 buildings per player? If so please let me know. 2. Autorestock for traders: We would like to have traders who will never run out of stock, according to the wiki it can be done with one SQL statement: UPDATE `traders_data` SET qty=10 WHERE `item` LIKE '%ItemVault%' AND qty=0; Basicly meaning if their stock hits 0 they restock after a restart right? And this sql statement... do I put it into the traders_data and thats all I need to do to have auto restock traders? 3. Building Maitenance: We are are not sure about what it does... I kinda fear that each building has a 2 week cycle where it needs to be "maintained" with materials, otherwise it gets erased... The other admins think its simply there in case some guy shoots your walls with a grenade launcher so you can repair the damaged walls... So if I am right how do we disable that fully? We dont want that people have to worry that their bases dissappear just because they dont have enough materials to maintain it. If its possible we would like to have a 14 days cleanup cycle on the server that erases all buildings (and locked cars) by people which are inactiv for 2 weeks. Kinda the way some other mods solved it... Thanks in advance :) -Merlin
  8. Thanks, we fixed it, was really their MTU setting :)
  9. Hm also thanks for the answer going to explain that to them aswell :), I give feedback what helped us ^^
  10. Hm ok, gonna tell them that, they reinstalled dayz completly and it still wasnt working, reinstalled arma same issue... But manually updating battleeye they didnt try, so gonna tell them that, thanks for the answer, I repost if its still not working... Also I forgot to add they shortly get kicked after taking a weapon from the ground...
  11. Hey guys, some of our players recently suffer from a kick with the message "signature check timed out". They can play for usually 2-3 mins and then getting kicked. Any idea whats causing this?
  12. Oh ok thanks for explaining this to me, was able to make a test today and we made DMRs spawn again, also we were able to readd the Mk17 series weapons. Thanks for explaining :)
  13. Would interest me aswell how to add custom loot, I found some lines in the dayz_code config.cpp: {"Sa58V_RCO_EP1","weapon"}, {"Sa58V_CCO_EP1","weapon"}, {"G36_C_SD_camo","weapon"}, {"M40A3","weapon"}, {"100Rnd_762x54_PK","magazine"}, {"militaryclothes","single"}, {"NVGoggles","weapon"}, {"BAF_L7A2_GPMG","weapon"}, {"BAF_L85A2_RIS_ACOG","weapon"}, {"KSVK","weapon"}, {"5Rnd_127x108_KSVK","magazine"}, {"M60A4_EP1","weapon"}, {"AK_107_kobra","weapon"}, {"BAF_L85A2_UGL_SUSAT","weapon"}, {"BAF_L85A2_UGL_ACOG","weapon"}, {"M107","weapon"}, {"10Rnd_127x99_m107","magazine"}, {"m8_Compact","weapon"}, {"BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS","weapon"} }; itemChance[] = { 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.02, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, That was under MilitarySpecial (Barracks), so I assume its the loottable for Barracks. I edited it but I cant get the new weapons like the M107 to spawn, I set the chance to find it to 99% but still no M107. Can somebody explain me how I make those weapons spawn? Cause we really want the DMR back on our server (and some other guns aswell) since a Mk12SPR doesnt fit a DMR...
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