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  1. hi i'm one of the cofounder of a multimedia company we recently decided to make films but we find that hard to make a film. i love making film but i don't know how to use a camera and write scenario , please write my scenario and use the camera to rec the movie if you do it your name will be in the credit of the film and you will have a paper card with your name Please help our studio become bigger and go to holywood and if you find actors we maybe can give you cookie. this is how your reseach look like ... really what's the benefit to become the scripter of another server wich is a part of a multigaming community when as a scripter you can just make your own server wich one will be way better than others .... if you are a multigaming community i think you have a lot of members and i think your members love your community so just do a donations event to hire a scriper
  2. yeah it's not difficult just dynamicly spawn vehicle using the damaged model of the vehicule so it will be see as a vehicle in database then just modify the towing script that allready exist and add a trader that buy this vehicle in exchange of scrap metal for example. not a big deal
  3. ow i was talking about the number 3 but i'm interest in number 2 too but it's not yet started ^^ ps: edit my post up there
  4. the number 2 is not started yet but it will be easy to add some custom trader and sell vehicle for scrap and other stuff just need to make a towing system for damaged vehicle the number 3 is in a good way i think pretty much 40% , just got problem with taking seed from the plant that spawn (for example pumpkin) the object that is spawned by player is static...
  5. is there a way to dynamicaly spawn the hemp , like with the building system or snap pro and not in the mission file ?
  6. i'm actually working on the number 2,3 and 5 , will share when it will be over
  7. i think i find out the problem .. it wa smuch easier to implement skins 1 year ago -_-' i'm also working on a planting script and chloroform script , also some other stuff will post what i do when it's functionnal
  8. if you need help with your farming system let me know. @raymix : so now i don't have any error message but the object i added don't show ingame i added a skin in the cfgvehicle and also in the variable.sqf but when i try to use this skin on a player it show me again the survivor skin. what could i do wrong? upload it on server too maybe? i don't know...
  9. i don't have trader anymore on my server i deleted them all . i'm on a good way to finish adding my custom skins , when i will have some news i will tell you
  10. ok still got not found error , do i have to pack the z folder to pbo then rename it to dayz_code or do i have to pack the dayz_code folder directy? pbo manager don't show the properties it's empty... :(
  11. i renamed $PBOPREFIX$.txt to $PREFIX$.txt but it still give me the not found error
  12. yeah i know , i made my own mod of dayzepoch , so it's a separate folder because i'm adding new vehicle,weapons , changing epoch texture and vehicule texture etc... will change PBOPREFIX to PREFIX and will see if that work
  13. i modified directly the config.ccp in the dayz_code.pbo and then binarized it again so i think something always went wrong when i binarize , how do you included it in description.ext ? a copy of the config.cpp in a custom folder or something like that ? yes i use the full path
  14. is there anyway to give the player the right to plant their own weed , and create their own farm like we can make wood crate or other building
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