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  1. "You must be close to a plant to harvest"

    so @juandayz helped me out(thanks alot man) the solution was pretty simple.. I had 2 "ui_selectslots.sqf" from different scripts, all I had to do was delete/merge one of them and it fixed the whole thing. if you have more than 1 script that uses "ui_selectslots.sqf" merge/delete the other(s)"ui_selectslots.sqf" thanks again @juandayz
  2. "You must be close to a plant to harvest"

    Any chance youre helping me out on how can I do that myself? not much of a coder but im familiar with the files and scripting :)
  3. "You must be close to a plant to harvest"

    I guys ive been using WAI and it has hemp in it. so i checkec the missiosn with the weed and whenever i get close to the fiberplants it says "You must be close to a plant to harvest" any idea what i need to do in order to make it work and harvest the 1 kilo hemp? btw on the crates it has the itemKiloHemp, its just the harvesting that dosent seem to work. if you guys need any information let me know
  4. Will do, so I can get rid of the extra dayz_server folder? that one with the z/addons ?
  5. thanks for the reply, so if I got it right, this is how to folder should look like(the one without the 'z' and 'addons' inside: and the dayz_server(folder that comes with the pbo) with the z/addons shouldnt be touched, and when I want to make edits I need to rename it, exract the pbo, edit then pack it back and rename the /z folder back to dayz_server?
  6. Hi thanks for the reply, these are the paths on my dayz server :
  7. Hi guys, so I was editing my dayz_server.pbo some normal edits, ZSC, WAI,Admin tools. and I noticed that when I edit the dayz_Server pbo the game wont let me in.. when i just edit the mission.pbo its fine buy dayz_Server isnt.. I did some reasearch and found the "prefix" thing but that isnt working.. i added to prioretis on PBO manager the "prefix" and the value "z/addons/dayz_server" but that dosent seem to solve the issue.. my arma2oaserver.rpt: (all the files on the warnings are actually there so I dont get why it says " not found"