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  1. Will do, so I can get rid of the extra dayz_server folder? that one with the z/addons ?
  2. thanks for the reply, so if I got it right, this is how to folder should look like(the one without the 'z' and 'addons' inside: and the dayz_server(folder that comes with the pbo) with the z/addons shouldnt be touched, and when I want to make edits I need to rename it, exract the pbo, edit then pack it back and rename the /z folder back to dayz_server?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, these are the paths on my dayz server :
  4. Hi guys, so I was editing my dayz_server.pbo some normal edits, ZSC, WAI,Admin tools. and I noticed that when I edit the dayz_Server pbo the game wont let me in.. when i just edit the mission.pbo its fine buy dayz_Server isnt.. I did some reasearch and found the "prefix" thing but that isnt working.. i added to prioretis on PBO manager the "prefix" and the value "z/addons/dayz_server" but that dosent seem to solve the issue.. my arma2oaserver.rpt: (all the files on the warnings are actually there so I dont get why it says " not found"