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  1. To fix this go into you Antivirus program > Manage exceptions. Add paths for battleye -- c:\program files (x86)\Common Files\Battleye and wherever your arma 2 is installed ....steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\BEsetup\ (dont know if this one was need but did it anyway) ....steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\Battleye After i did this it works for me
  2. When i disable antivirus it works fine. I cant seem to get it to make exception for it to work while antivirus is on.
  3. Get this error about 80% of the time trying to join, every now and then it lets me in but most of the time i get this error.
  4. So we found out that the first number in the brackets is getting cut off. 350 (725) << objects is actually 6725 Is there anyway to fix this so it shows the full number correctly
  5. Trying to find where to edit the types of guns and amounts that spawn into the crates.
  6. Wel this server i on particilar has 7000 items so the number on the right cant be that? unless its dividing by 10 then it could be close :P
  7. On infistar the admin debug option where it shows vehicles for example 350(725) <<<<------ what does the number in brackets represent?
  8. We have tried different settings on the basic.cfg even used settings from other ppl whos server gets better FPS than ours but it still doesnt change for us.
  9. We are having problems with our server fps running so low. I would like to know what needs to be done to maximise server FPS. We currently running 3 servers and our Box is upgraded to the max. Epoch #1 around 7k items Sits around 5FPS with 15-20 players Epoch #2 around 12k items Sites around 5FPS with 10-15 players Overpoch around 9k items sits at 5FPS with around 10 players When all these servers are full they will sit at 1 or 2 FPS and i know this cant be good. We did some testing and removed all scripts from the server and it didnt really improve FPS much, when we loaded all scripts again and made fresh hive it puts FPS up to 30 - So we can see the main issue is items but obviously we cant have fresh hives all the time :P So what are things that can be done to get this up?
  10. SN1P3R

    Trader Vehicles

    Check the co-ords for the Heli-Empty in the mission.sqf file _this = createVehicle ["HeliHEmpty", [7983.9741, 2890.6536, -0.024177462], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; for example the 3rd position should be around 0 for it to span on the ground
  11. ai_friendly_behaviour = true; // make ai friendly towards comrades player_bandit = -5000; // this is the amount you declare someone to be a bandit on your server, bandit AI will not attack you if ai_friendly_behaviour is true player_hero = 5000; // this is the amount you declare someone to be a hero on your server, hero AI will not attack you if ai_friendly_behaviour is true I have 7000 humanity and roll up to the Heroes mission and they still shoot at me, same if i was bandit and go to bandit mission. Any ideas?
  12. We use this to make objects/buildings indestructable: _this removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];
  13. There is a way we have custom base boxes on ours. I will try find out for you soon how its done unless someone else beats me to it ;) But yes it is possible.
  14. Have you looked in your expansions and made sure the mode is enabled?
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