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  1. Hi, Is there a way to make it so when a player looks in the gear of a tent/storage object it will log it?
  2. I fixed the second problem I mentioned above, still having issues with the moving to cancel. DZE_ActionInProgress = false; needed to be dayz_actionInProgress = false;
  3. Hey Juan I have two issues could you help :)? https://pastebin.com/mYP7My40 When placing the object it says "Placing "OBJECT" move to cancel" but I can not cancel even if I move. Another thing is when there is no plot pole in the area it says "Needs be in plot pole area" which is fine but then when you try again it says "building already in progress" and you cannot build anything until relog.
  4. Is it possible to add the key to the crate and not the AI bodies?
  5. My mistake, sorry about that. Thanks you :)
  6. Server_monitor if( (count _inventory > 0) && !_isPlot && !_doorLocked && {_type != "MAP_kulna"}) then { I put the script in my mission folder and I call it with right click actions on toolbox ["ItemToolbox","Build kulna","execVM 'addons\kulna.sqf';","true"], When I go ingame and right click my toolbox I am able to build the kulna but when I restart the server it is gone and I do not see it in the database.
  7. Hi, Objects are still not being saved to the database. Is this just me with this problem?
  8. seems to only be the btr90. Just tried with a few different SUV, 350z and a vodnik all damaged the player fine. btr90 just sends them flying with no real damage from the hit sometimes they will break legs when landing.
  9. I will try get a buddy to help me test my problem abit see if we can work anything out. Maybe it is only the btr90 as that is what was reported to me.
  10. Hi, when a player gets ran over they just go flying and take no damage is this part of epoch or would it be something like infistar that would be causing this?
  11. Hi, in loot\spawn.sqf there is a max weapon ammo define set to 2 is there a way to set the min ammo a weapon can spawn with to 1? https://pastebin.com/j2JuisDn is it in there somewhere?
  12. NateDayZ

    Radio Subtitles

    Ah ok sweet as thanks for the info
  13. NateDayZ

    Radio Subtitles

    Would you be able to show me that? I don't mind not having ai vehicles.
  14. NateDayZ

    Loot spawns

    Sorted it out thank you
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