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  1. Hey :) In the ai setting config file can i set the ai to a higher level then 1.0..? I noticed the hardest ai setting everything is set to 1.0 and was just wondering if i can set it to like 2.0 and make the ai twice as hard :)
  2. Does DZMS only have bandit missions ? If not how can i assign different skins to the hero missions cause @ the moment all AI are in bandit skins :( And in the config file there seems to be only one group to call skins from :( not two.. 1 group for bandits and 1 group for hero's ..
  3. Here is my servermonitor.sqf :) And mine works fine.. Dont copy it cause i have other mods but it should give you a rough idea to compare :)
  4. Can anyone confirm that this script still works ? Or is there a updated IED script ? I would love to implement a IED script on my takistan server :D Thanx :)
  5. Good stuff :) Thank you ....
  6. Hey :) If i add weapons to the DZMSWeaponCrateList.sqf will the ammo for that weapon automatically be added to the crate.. Or is there somewhere i need to put in what ammo i want to spawn ?
  7. Can i get a little help with this mission pack please ? After installing the server loads well and missions start.. The locations show on the map but when i get to the missions there is either nothing there :( Or the crates and stuff will be there but no AI :( Does this even work with epoch ? nevermind all fixed used this 1 instead :)
  8. In DZMS you can put down the co ordinates for the centre of the map in the ini and it will sort it self out... With WAI i cant find such a setting :( The only setting i found is this - wai_avoid_water = 50; // avoid spawning missions this close to water This is found in WAI's config file :) Maybe try a higher number...
  9. So i think i have a problem that i only just noticed :\ Ummm When my server restarts my name is not getting saved to my plot pole.. So when you log back in you have to add your self to the plot friends list again :\ Did i mess up the installation somewhere or is that the way its supposed to be ? Nevermind all fixed :D I think lol
  10. Install a custom debug monitor that shows FPS ... And if you have DZMS and WAI installed .... WAI was lagging my server a bit :) Until i lowered the amount of units that spawned at missions.. Good luck :)
  11. Hey :) I understand how to get loot in buildings that dont spwn loot now :) So thats fine.. But my issue still remains with the roads i am trying to place in editor... @ the moment i am just editing the main takistan mission in DayZ_Epoch_1.Takistan folder in server files because someone found the epoch mission file so i can see all the buildings and traders that where placed for epoch in the arma2 editor :) And move the traders around... So i am not calling it like i would a custom map addition cause i just loads as the main mission file... Now the roads i am trying to place are called dirt1_6 in the editor and its under the [AS] OA ROADS GROUP... They show in editor but not in game... 1 thing i have noticed is the names in the editor are dirt_6 etc.... But when placed there name in the side bare show as as_dirt_6 etc.... Could it be the naming thats the problem ? Like instead of being named as_dirt_6 etc should it just be dirt_6 etc... Here is a link to a pic of 2 of the roads i am trying to place... https://postimg.org/image/mqd6pj433/
  12. Hey :) Someone has probably asked this question but 93 pages is a bit much to search lol :P But umm how and where can i edit the amount of units that spawn @ a mission ? There is a few missions where there is like 20 - 24 ai and umm thats a bit much lol and it also lags my server for a few seconds when the mission is starting.. I would prefer less units around 15.. And just a little bit more skilled then the default WAI ai :) Thanx :)
  13. When i try and use ESS i only get half of the preview bot showing :( from the waist down :( And it was a really weird red tint as well :( Maybe i did something wrong..
  14. Here ya go... This is custom loadouts with a tutorial :) https://github.com/noxsicarius/Custom-Loadouts
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