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  1. Thanks for the rapid response ! :) In two minds now might just leave it where it is default and add my own stuff serverside, I did read that mission file(client side) buildings often can be shot or walked through from AI or is this still a known issue or has it been patched if so mission/server buildings is my decission as on I had custom stuff server side but wasnt sure if it was downloaded by clients. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I would like to move this file to my server pbo. I have moved it to my mission pbo and tested by changing the call to this and it spawns fine. For some reason however I can not get it to spawn if it is placed server side and executed from server_functions.sqf either using [] execVm, execVm or call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers. The main reason for wanting to move this file is that when I edit my map I dont want to place any objects over existing ones. If it is not going to be possible then an alternative will be to load the buildings in the 3d editor make my map and just remove the duplicates that already spawn/exist in chernarus11.sqf Contents of chernarus11.sqf below extracted from dayz_code. Thanks in advance !
  3. Does this work on Epoch 1.0.6+ as it has a few nice features and I would love to try it out.
  4. Yup thats right buddy you just need a file that links your traders to the files you have in your mission file :) I believe the link DaveA linked is correct :)
  5. Well Advanced trading doesn't use Database traders it uses config based traders in the mission file.Config Traders #1 they are alot easier to configure and #2 they are alot faster than database trading. I believe you still have database traders enabled some how so you will be getting different prices. You need to use DZE_ConfigTrader = true; if you look around the Epoch Forum i am sure there will be a tutorial on setting up Config Traders :)
  6. Has anyone managed to fix this ? I am on Epoch and I run custom buildings using the server_functions method. It appears to be only trader city buildings that are doubled up though !
  7. I have just applied both of these fixes to my server and all works great ! I would say can we get these linked in the first page of the thread so people can find the fixes easy. I also want to know using your method for removing objects at anytime is there a way to actually refund items when removing them as I think this would be great if you place a wall or floor wrong but don't have lots of in game cash to get another floor :) cheers !
  8. All sorted by re installing both 4 and 32 bit c++ 2010 and 2013 I believe arma is a 32 bit server process so needed the 32 bit c++ to work.
  9. Just checked and I didnt appear to have both 64 and 32 bit version of c++ 2010 installed upon installing them I now get hive errors in my console these however I know how to fix ! I am just about to sort out my XAMPP config then see if I can get the server to connect if so I will report back with a working fix for those having a similar problem :) thanks !
  10. Yeah got both 2010 32,64 and 2013 32,64 so thought it made sense to copy what it already has. I am just putting the setup into a case as we speak because it looks like there is alot of testing on hand so I am gonna load up the rig after and just double check all installs of c++ . It shouldn't matter that I cant fully run Arma 2 and Arma2OA to the single player screen should it as the server files contain combined ops files from a working server. The reason I ask is this is a server board and it has no gpu to run the game even to single player menu I have ran the first time setup installers but when it try to Luanch the game i get a video error but thats due to the server boards built in video etc. Just a thought. Cheers.
  11. I installed C++ 2013 64 and 32 bit aswell as C++ 20120 64 and 32 bit. I dont understand why it doesnt work I will google the above but I literally cloned the server from one os to an other and all the files point in the right direction etc. The ports are all forwarded etc. If nothing else works I will try right from scratch by installing the whole server to the steamapps arma2oa directory instead and use default epoch files just to test -_- thanks again :)
  12. Just tried using the original SQL files and no fix what so ever. My RPT is here I understand I am getting errors but I believe they are because the server cannot get the info from the database. Thanks.
  13. I am having this exact same problem ! at first I thought it was a case of Windows Server 2012 r2 having something to do with it and I did see someone else having issues with Server 2012 r2 so I decided to try Server 2008 r2 and still the same issue so I then resorted to installing Windows 7 and low and behold I have the same issue. I don't know if it is a problem with the new version of XAMPP or something or the fact I imported my database rather than used the Epoch server SQL files but my server does exactly the same as Mikes it shows the same info in the console and usually it would list off all the hive operations it is doing but it doesn't and I get stuck at waiting for server to authenticate. The mission appears to load when checking the RPT but it does show hive errors confirming that there is something wrong with in not communicating properly to the hive. I have forwarded ports to my lan server and I can see it and connect and I have allowed MySQL through firewall on the localhost machine running the server etc. Any help would be massively appreciated ! I already have one server running on another machine but I want to set up a server on my dedicated hardware and transfer it over. As stated above I did export my database from my current working server and import that to the new server rather than use the MySQL Files included with Epoch Server files. If that could be the issue please let me know but I doubt that would cause it I am willing to try anything though. Thanks !
  14. Hi there I installed a fresh copy of Windows Server 2012 r2 Data center, I have Xampp running with Apache and MySQL and I have Arma 2 and OA installed and have Combined Operations. I start my DayZ Epoch server and the console shows up from the arma2oaserver.exe I then launch my game see the server so I join I get passed the lobby but stuck on waiting for server to authenticate upon checking the console for the server it says game started and thats the last thing it says there are no errors regarding database connection issues but to me it seems like the server can not connect to the database. I have check all ports in firewall and config files as well as the dayz files and they all match and are all correct. Any help on fixing this would be massively appreciated I am totally new to Windows Server OS so for all I know it could still be blocking MySQL Somewhere. Thanks !
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