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  1. Excellent ideas here, when AWOL gets back expect to see some way to differentiate keys.
  2. just to clarify rmod is not a part of Epoch, its a separate mod and its not in any way included.
  3. some good suggestions here, keep them coming. the supply box requirement is going to be reworked.
  4. its a hand with all the fingers bitten off. thats my guess anyway its from a font called "Shaun of the Dead"
  5. Does the colour of the key mean anything? No.
  6. The best way is to remove the gear menu when outside the vehicle. How to do it is the question.
  7. I think the VIP should definitely have a minigun on top.. lol Armor on the VIP is 50 but the hitpoints are different and regular BMW has a armor of 20 like the regular cars thats about 20 less than a HMMV and 70 less than the Armored SUV
  8. The purpose of the above post by Awol was to show how we would like the format of the suggestions for buildables to be. I think your previous post about things that would be buildable make alot less sense in terms of whether or not you could build this with a workbench and a hammer and a fire. Where are the recipes for those things? Lets get this post back on track and just post what we would like to see on the buildables list realistically with recipes and reasonable purposes.
  9. Basebuilding in Epoch - Many have asked whats the deal why is it so hard. We have been working very hard and discussing many options - long story short - More Buildables, Faster Build Times, Longer Remove Times.
  10. We have tested this pack, the vehicles dont have proper damage models. We wont be including any 3rd party mods that dont work properly with the Arma engine regarding damage etc...
  11. Hero / Bandit Traders have these items now.
  12. The best way to stop hacks is by Obfuscation, ie change your basic variables and dont tell people what anti hack mods you run. Custom tailor your battleeye scripts and basically they have to code a specific hack tool for your server.
  13. Just want to make our position public on 1.7.7.x dayzmod supposed "community edition". First we want to thank rocket and the community for allowing us to take, use and distribute code from the previous versions of dayzmod without oppressive copyrights. We have always been careful to use things that were open to all and credit those from whom we have taken work. Secondly In future versions of Epoch we will not be including 1.7.7.x code in full. The reason for this is in the new version there are new permissions and copyrights that go against the open nature of dayzmod and dayzepoch (in our opinion). Not that we do not have permission to use this code, we do, however some of the permissions are not transferable and require renewal from multiple authors and so makes a situation in which Epoch would have to close all 3rd party development and no longer make files available (private github). Thirdly as Bungle has so astutely noted, we are going in a different direction anyway and dont need alot of the things that have been added not to mention alot of dupe, bug, and general fixes that are already in Epoch have not even been fixed in the newest version of dayzmod. They have access to our code and can take it if they please on request, as always some would prefer to take it and re-write it and call it their own but we know where it came from. So dont be surprised to see some of Epoch in dayzmod. Basically dayzmod has walled themselves off in a garden of copyrights so that noone will steal their work, while we appreciate the work thats been put in we feel like this attitude doesn't help the dayz community in general and really just kills any mod that wants to stay open. Openness is a basic tenent of Epoch and though people have taken our work without permission we feel like if it wasnt any good they wouldnt bother, and in the end it makes for a better game experience for everyone.
  14. the infected player is a new player (as you do respawn and are wearing different clothing) more like being reincarnated than dying and actually changing. the concept was meant to be a punishment for not paying attention and taking antibiotics, it also has the added effect of making survivors nervous and suspicious as they blend in with stock zombies perfectly when played by an experienced player. 1. as this was meant as a punishment and never meant as a "continuation" of a previous life this doesnt make much sense in those terms. 2.and 5. (see 1.) 3. (see 1.) 4. we have already implemented infected player vision, in its current implementation it works like a red night vision (works well at night but not at all during the day) this could be tweaked and made better.
  15. I have to step in as i feel partially responsible for the infected player concept and its addition to the mod. The infected player took a lot of work to add and was well thought out as a game mechanic, we wanted some kind of punishment for infection. We felt like the infection/coughing didnt have a purpose in the vanilla dayzmod. first off, if you die infected you change, so you need to make sure you have antibiotics on hand (and you need to make sure you can hear your character coughing) second if you accidentally die while infected and respawn as an infected player you can easily kill yourself by running to the next town and calling the horde, jumping off a building etc.... the infected player is a main feature and I dont think it will be removed from the main mod we may later make a way to disable the feature.
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