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  1. custom death/body marker,master key ,vehicle locator would be nice to see maybe recruit ai would be cool idk that fps though heheh wish you good luck bud look forward to using it
  2. that's good to know its not just me..... but i would hate to see that site die
  3. in the wai folder inside the missions folder there is a mission example of how to make one
  4. so after many visits to opendayz it now tells me the domain name is expired any body else see this or is it just me it driving me crazy they some good stuff on there as well but now i cant get to the web page !!!!!!! if it is just me how would i fix that
  5. haha me to was raging for a week b4 i was told to come here and man im glad i did thank you guys..... much love to you all !!!!!!!
  6. @juandayz i tred to install your server pack but the way the server host is set up i cant use due to the custom config files for their system they are always in place i cant get rid of em so i think server packs are out for me atm im not sure ( ie always wait for host file clashing i assume..... im a noob ) adding tanks and jets work great thank you for that too !!!! also installing mods seems to be a pain for this same reason i cant seem to install plot for life and other mods due to fact the everything being place in a several files it tuff for a new guy on the block so i have to ask if anybody that can take the time to help a new guy out would be much love
  7. i also try to run this on my server to no luck did as the install says but they always run.... im not using any admin tools
  8. Hello im looking for a scripter that can install quit a few mods and also add tanks/jets to my server........ nothing that has not been done already, im sure of it im new here and if this is in the wrong place im sorry !!!!!! if interested contact me by steam suprstar64 or email @ [email protected] thank you !!!!!
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