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  1. I have seen this Custom HUD creator somewhere on the forums and I cant seem to find it anywhere now, you load it up with the game and create the HUd there, does anyone know where i can find this post or point me in the right direction ? Thank you.
  2. ***NEW King Kong Overpoch NEVER WIPE|PVP|500K Start|Dedi|SSD|Semi-Mili|VG|Custom Areas/Spawn/Missions|FPS++ BRAND NEW DATABASE + SERVER 3rd May 2018. Will not wipe! Admins are active. We help everyone from getting started to players with 5000 hours experience. We have tonnes of mods including: Auction House Custom HUD Custom In-game Menu (With Deployable's) View Server Rules & Tips, Deploy Vehicles, Virtual Garages, Scan For Nearby Players & AI (1000m) Set View Distance, Toggle Grass & Check Building Location For Plot. Parajump Off Buildings. Our Map & Events Custom Trader Style Custom GPS Fake Death Plot For Life (Maintain Every 7 Days) Base raiding (Blow the door to someone else's base and have some fun) Hotwire vehicle Global banking Tow & Lift Campfire dance Deploy Blast Proof Bunker (Deployables In the In-Game Menu) (Auto Deployable Vehicles + Auto Force Into Vehicles + Turn Engines On Automatically) View distance with binoculars/rangefinders Suicide bomber Virtual Garage Custom Spawns/Loadouts Custom areas (Castles, Military areas, NEAF) Custom Traders Kozlovka Trader Bandit Trader Stary Trader Klen Trader Meat Trader (Not a Safezone) Currently updating our very own Devils Castle AI mission. & much more! Custom mission including drugs bust, veins, gems & more. Job System New King Kong Custom Mission Weather is clear and daytime. We have Teamspeak: Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bKbQaRh and Forums: http://kkoverpoch.co.uk/index.php Let's stop the talking and just play! Server IP:
  3. So in the recent SR they claimed in beta release in 2018 they are officially allowing modding on to the servers, as you can imagine this opens up a whole new world for us players! Would be amazing to see the epoch developers bring it to SA just like the good old arma2 we all loved! The DayZ SA dev team seem to be pulling their shit together after these past few years but a good game requires time and patience! Would love to see this in the future.
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