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  1. Thanks - my epochConfig didn't have that =)
  2. Can someone point me in the right direction (in the file/config) to HIDE this on the map? All players can see where bases are now =( Thanks
  3. I can normally fix BE filter issues, but I went all the way back to a vanilla install, and cannot seem to find an answer for this error: 08.04.2015 22:40:51: Chicken Chaser (SERVER IP) MYGUID - #62 " _dest; }; _dest = _dest modelToWorldVisual _coords; }; drawIcon3D ["\A3\UI_F_MP_Mark\Data\Tasks\Misc\background.paa", _backg" Obviously, ServerIP and MYGUID have been replaced for security... but nowhere in my setup or scripts.txt can I find this _dest variable. Is it maybe because my server is not on yet? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Lines just above that error - you might try a fix Nightmare did for me (I used the same random loot tables) I think it is line 410 (or near there): // Generate Loot { _tmp = (getArray(_x >> 'items')); {VEMFLootList = VEMFLootList + [ ( _x select 0 ) select 0 ];} forEach (_tmp); } forEach ("configName _x != 'Uniforms' && configName _x != 'Headgear'" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgLootTable"));
  5. Make sure the init.sqf you edit is in your epoch.Altis.pbo or whatever mission system you have running (you may have to create the init.sqf). I just tested it again today, and my hints are working with the 0.3 update.
  6. I think the only issue, besides the hint text not working, was the loot tables for random crates (Nightmare's fix below): In SupplyDrop_Functions.sqf, replace the code starting on line 148 with the following (only replace the portion needed): // Generate Loot { _tmp = (getArray(_x >> 'items')); {SDROPLootList = SDROPLootList + [ ( _x select 0 ) select 0 ];} forEach (_tmp); } forEach ("configName _x != 'Uniforms' && configName _x != 'Headgear'" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgLootTable")); I'll try to get the hint text working again by weekend.
  7. Yep. Look above in posts to find safe spawns for helicopter for Bornholm.
  8. Beetle: I use a program called PBO Manager to un-pack the epoch.Altis.pbo file... from there, you can edit or add new files, then re-pack it into a PBO and upload to your server via TPAdmin or FTP. Please remember to save a backup of your original somewhere.
  9. Thanks to all who helped get the version up-to-date so it can run with epoch 0.3... I'll get my github files updated soon (need to test before I upload)
  10. I think there might have been a hotfix released to address the players getting kicked when clicking on map or right-clicking map. If not, you can fix it by adding this to the end of line 1 in script.txt: !"BIS_fnc_setTaskLocal_customData" That is only part of your issue - the other errors are from BlckEagl's mission which you may have configured wrong as cyncrwler indicated.
  11. The fail chance error should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out to me (I think this was indicated in previous posts too). I did not have my fail chance tested properly. Updated files on my github: https://github.com/tdavison70/Helicopter-Supply-Drop
  12. That is really odd. Did you try running it without modifying any of the settings? Its difficult to troubleshoot if I am not aware of any changes that you made to the script. Can you PM me and send me your modified SDrop.pbo?
  13. I've personally witnessed hundreds of drops in testing (and, I do mean hundreds), and it only ever dumped as many as the original script indicated below (most I ever got was 6): _grpCount = 3; //default: 3 - this is our minimum number of paratroopers _grpReinforce = floor(random 3)+1; //number of additional paratroopers 1-3 _grpCount = _grpCount + _grpReinforce; Not saying it didn't happen to you, but I wouldn't know where to fix it since the group size is finitely defined.
  14. Unfortunately, there is little to fix as the crate can drift quite far (based on weather conditions). The mission restarts once the crate lands.
  15. BetterDeadThanZed used the following to work with Chenarus: _posArray = [[72.0000,8184.00,200],[15320.0,7816.00,200],[7528.00,15320.0,200],[6888.00,40.0000,200]]; _mapCenter = [7067.50,7798.63]; _coords = [_mapCenter,500,5000,30,0,10,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; You might have to play around with coordinates - really just pick any spawn N, S, E, W that a player can't get to (somewhere in oceans). I re-worked a new mapCenter and findSafePos algorithm (from Kilo Swiss' SEM) and may consider adding that to a future update to make things easier/more efficient.
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