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  1. Parachute Supply Drop Crates addon for Arma3 Epoch (Now with paratrooper AI) Give your survivors a little love This is a lightweight mission for dedicated or layer-based game servers. A Mohawk helicopter will fly in from North, South, East or West oceanic spawn positions (chose randomly at mission start), and drop a supply crate (via parachute) to random locations on Altis. The crates are configurable, but 4 types are pre-defined in the code. Features: Random landing zones for supply crates delivered by AI pilots 4 supply crate types are pre-defined: Food & Clothing / Supplies / Weapons & Ammo / Random Loot Customizable crate loot (via editing init.sqf) also has random loot generator 500-meter radius marker for LZ lets players know where to look Auto repeating mission once crate has been found Virtually no BE filters - uses mostly vanilla loot (but you might need to add a few) Latest Release: v1.0c (releases can be downloaded here: https://github.com/tdavison70/Helicopter-Supply-Drop/releases This release has the following updates: Added AI units that parachute down with crate and guard it AI units each have a sub-set of skills - these guys are tough by default AI might drop krypto BIS_fnc_findSafePos now called from helicopter spawn position and uses world safe anchor for range Added JIP (Join In Progress) support to eliminate multiple copies running on server Replaced all WaitUntil loops with While (sleep) loops to fix major lag Loitering helicopters should now be fixed (they get deleted) I tested this PBO on my game server (Vert Hosting), and had it running side-by-side with VEMF / BlckEagl / A3AEI and had no issues. All the AI seem to have a mutual respect for one another :P A big shout out to all the modders who inspired me to make this. Sorry, in advance, if there are tons of supply drop missions out there. This one is pretty straight-forward, and can be easily edited to your liking. Hope you enjoy! You can download it here: https://github.com/tdavison70/Helicopter-Supply-Drop
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