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  1. Testing this now thanks alot! and yes im running infistar.
  2. Hi i am currently using DZMS, DZMSHotspots, DZAI, and WAI. When i kill AI they dont drop gear. I cannot figure this out and is very frustrating as i have roaming AI, and when you kill them you basically get nothing and lost all your ammo. Anyone know where to find the settings? Thanks
  3. Wont hurt to try it out, just make a backup
  4. I can help you bro, i use GTX aswell. https://github.com/RimBlock/Epoch/tree/A_Plot_for_Life_v2.35_Stable/A%20Plot%20for%20Life Use this, and before doing so if you dont have anything important on the server or any other addons id reccomend to reinstall the server to basically refresh the files, download your desired mod. Then follow the tutorial above. If you still need help post back here and i will give you some TS info and i can guide you. YOU MUST UNPACK your PBO. Your two folders to work with are in your FTP using filezille would be the following After clicking extract PBO, go onto FTP and find the archives folder, follow until you see the server files. MPMissions is the second folder, find the chernarus_11 folder. Use only those two, and when done pack pbo from GTX TCadmin and start server.
  5. Does this come with any sort of IKEA or construction mission?
  6. Hi, i am currently using DZMS and i like how it works but the missions are bad, I want NATO weapon cache missions and IKEA missions. I know someone has the files for them and a different mission addon they could share, that would be helpful. I am over working with DZMS as i cannot get it to cooperate with me, if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. I want the following missions: NATO Weapons Cache Armoured APC Mission IKEA Mission Regular Medical Missions Humvee Crashes. Thanks
  7. Hi i am trying to edit the check body distance on my server, so lets say someone dies, they cannot spawn within a certain meter from their body. The default is at 4000, i changed it in the ESSConfig.sqf to 2000 shown here: I have that in the ESSConfig, the value before i edited it was at 4000. But now when i die it is till at 4000 and i cannot spawn in that area. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks Link to addon: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-essv2-enhanced-spawn-selection-v2.21547/
  8. One problem, one type of AI shoots really fast, and i was wondering how i could fix it. One AI had the ability to shoot fully auto and its insane. Any fix?
  9. Hi all, i am fairly new to scripting and am learning. I want to take the Epoch watermark out of the bottom left (too bulky and want nothing there). Also i am looking to find the spawn select map at the beginning when you first make your character. Sorry i tried looking for awhile and cannot find it :( Thanks to all!
  10. Hi i was wondering how would you edit the decay rate on bases, also how could i add a script to reset safes after a week or so
  11. The deploy part is not needed, as it is not a scroll menu. It is a right click option to deploy it.
  12. Well i have this, i hate using Navicat and php my admin for this. Download this, place in root missions folder: http://www.speedyshare.com/TCx6G/download/trader.zip Add this into desctiption.ext under the first set of code. Should be under enableitemsdropping=0 #include "CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp"
  13. First link for You will need remote_messages on your server in order to get the mission popups http://dayzepoch.com...x-deathmsg-fix/ doesnt work, not sure if its still needed.
  14. First off download this: http://www.speedyshare.com/qXu6J/download/spawnbike.rar Place both folders in root directory of mission.pbo Then go to fn_selfactions.sqf and add this: //---------------PACK BIKE--------------- if((speed player <= 1) && cursorTarget isKindOf "Old_bike_TK_CIV_EP1" && _canDo) then { if (s_player_deploybike2 < 0) then { s_player_deploybike2 = player addaction[("<t color=""#007ab7"">" + ("Re-Pack Bike") +"</t>"),"spawnbike\bike2.sqf","",5,false,true,"", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_deploybike2; s_player_deploybike2 = -1; }; //-----------------END-------------------- Then Add this into description.ext at the very bottom: #include "Addons\RightClick\extra_rc.hpp" This will add a right click option onto the toolbox. Try this, if no luck me know. its been ages since ive messed with bikes.
  15. having an issue with this also. any help?
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