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  1. Updated AI. Threat Condition Yellow. Takistani Military has broken down into individual militias fighting for control of key areas of the State. Travel is hazardous. Updated DZAI Updated WAI, new vehicles, now alternate Takistani Forces. Find building materials at Red Missions.
  2. Spirit of DayZ Chernarus with Challenging AI and Missions DZAI - Takistani Militias vie for control and power. They will battle and hunt Survivors and battle each other for control WAI - Challenging Missions with lots of weapons loot from the UN Soldiers guarding reconstruction materials - lots of build materials such as cinderblocks, mortar, etc Cities are rebuilding, you will find a dynamic live environment as Survivors retake control of the Cities. Challenges will build as you leave the coast and head to the interior. You will find helpful players abound, lots of challenges in many different forms. Beware of Cessna armed with Missiles, Anti Aircraft Urals, Tanks, RPG and machine gun trucks patrols. Seek out UN roaming Military Units in M113s and BMP-2s that you can take control of, get keys, etc. No Rules, only Consequences. Build Anywhere, do anything you like. Survive, Hunt, Team Up, Go Bandit, Run Missions, Build Bases, etc. Anything you can dream of or desire. Server is Patrolled by human Police Forces that seek to bring the safety of community and society back together. https://www.facebook.com/Spirit-of-DayZ-101327631649309
  3. i took down 2 1/2 cinder block walls yesterday with a chainsaw. It took about 800 fuel for each one. i was able to deconstruct the ruins and get loot back from it. As far as wood walls not coming down from damage, are you sure that you are on a vanilla Epoch server, and not one with some type of indestructable bases?
  4. i have witnessed this missing gear after restart problem multiple times. i have been able to tie it directly to being in game on the server at the restart. Simply let each client know that they are putting their own gear at risk by being in game at the time of restart. The responsibility is theirs. i have not found a single instance where someone suffered from this under any other circumstance then being in game at the restart.
  5. After finding Assist Vehicle, the yellow flatbed that allows "towing", i used it for two days. Normal practice was to strap vehicle, deliver to trader, detach straps, usually removed vehicle from flatbed, but not always. Everything always worked just fine. Very happy with mod and the way everything is working. This morning i ran into what must be a glitch of some sort. i loaded a white Renault 6 passenger van onto the flatbed Assist and delivered to Stary Sobor Trade Center, detached straps. Go to Trade Menu, see the Renault there highlighted in green like it should be. Choose sell, and turn around to watch the Assist Vehicle disappear and sell. i did receive 5 gold for it, like the Renault would do. However, the Assist is not in any of the Trade Center Categories to sell. i assume this was by design to keep these high value vehicles from being too protected. Makes sense, creates good balance for the vehicle. But, why did the Assist sell? There was no menu option to sell it, and i had clearly chosen the Renault. Also, i was able to sell the Renault that was left sitting there after the Assist accidently sold with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any idea HOW this would happen? Any idea how to keep this from happening again? This is an .ST server for what it is worth. Look forward to comments/answers!
  6. is the option on the knife tool labeled Harvest Plant currently active? And if it is, what can be done with it?
  7. i have been using .ST for quite a while now. i have tried most of the hosts, and happiest when sticking to these choices - Use the Los Angeles based servers as they are protected from any of the DDOS attack issues. i have had extremely little downtime in several months of use. What is good about .ST: stability when based in Los Angeles performance Limitations/Problems: when updates are released it takes a bit of time for the .ST administrators to build their own version of the mod to work with their back end. As Epoch has become more popular, their priority on attention and speed in matters dealing with the Epoch servers has increased. Most updates are out within days of the public release now. i am a noob from a techinical standpoint. Modifying or adding anything to the game is difficult. This does not bother me, as stock Epoch is great, i have no desire to change it, but it needs to be considered by anyone else who may move in custom directions.
  8. i like your ideas in the original post.
  9. i am interested if any .ST customers are able to get the Trade Centers workiing properly what the fix is. Please do share!
  10. Thank you very much for sharing that info rmoiii. That is what i needed to get my .ST server operating properly.
  11. Has anyone else had a problem with disappearing tents on v1.0.1 Bloody Dayz hosted servers? i laid a couple down out in the wilderness and they disappeared. It was not due to other human activity. i was wondering if there is a problem with tents and this version of this mod on Chernarus, or if it might be a single fluke bad luck thing. i'm scared to put more down.... Can anyone else who is using v1.0.1 on Bloody Dayz hosted servers tell me if they are or are not having any issues with tents? Thanks!
  12. Good luck, your presence will be missed!
  13. i would love to see this implemented into future versions of Epoch. One of my other favorite mods is Origins, for the reason that it also has npcs running about causing muck and damage. :)
  14. No, you can use that woodshed that i posted the picture of, you can find those in most towns anywhere.
  15. i did not realize it was possible to lose the keys to a vehicle. i dont see anything in my inventory. Is this related to death/dying? If you die, do you lose the keys to the vehicles you have purchased? i thought vehicles/locking was purely GUID based. i assumed if you bought it, you can't lose it. Can anyone elaborate more on this?
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