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  1. xtxs

    Need a scripter, will pay

    xtxsxtxs, on skype or le go
  2. Hi, I need someone to install scripts for me. Not make scripts just install some pre made scripts. It would be about 20-30 scripts in total along with adding custom weapons and vehicles to the trader shops. Pay is $30.00 through paypal once it is verified all scrips are installed and working. Contact me on skype: xtxsxtxs
  3. Hi there! I was able to get a dayz epoch server working. I used sheeps repack and would run the .bat. I tried running the .bat for namlask and the console pop up. I didnt have any errors but I am not able to find my server. I am using the same ip for my epoch server. Thank alot people!
  4. Aww man I am want soooo bad :). Good work tho!
  5. Hi there, anyone know of any good premade sql files for traders I can just download and execute in navicat? One that can posted is great but I noticed once you buy one item when trying to buy the second one it says trading already in progress. Preferable one with tws, AS50s, M107s, (plus mags) and more amored cars. the MK17, MK16, and L85 series also? I know how to add custom ones but I always mess up and my server needs to be up by friday afternoon. Thabk you very much
  6. Hi there. iI saw a post with the same problems. On a clean and fresh install of epoch there were know traders. No ai there and no buildings. I saw someone say to delete the database. Where is this database? What does it do if I delete it? How do I make a new one, and would it potential fix this problem? In the console it has some error about the traders and sql. If you need me to post any files lile the rpt or something just ask :). I don't know where that file is so you will have to specify. Thanks! says something like this [Error] Error 1146 (Table 'dayz_epoch.instaactions' doesn't exist) in MySQLQuery SQL: 'SELECT `id`, `clientSide`, `execCode`, `repeatAction`, `description` FROM `InstaActions` WHERE `execCode` IS NOT NULL' 17 and also HiveExt(0): [information] Result: ["ERROR","Error: SQL Error running query: SELECT `id`, `clientSide`, `execCode`, `repeatAction`, `description` FROM `InstaActions` WHERE `execCode` IS NOT NULL"
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