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  1. it may be completely irrelevant but shouldnt @esseker be the first mod in the "-mod=" section?
  2. cant seem to get loot spawning on esseker map. i have this installed nothing was happening even on the vanilla system. can anyone help me?
  3. is the wait time there to stop it being exploited?
  4. i would re consider this^ they are shunting their customers and offering little to no support for scripts. Seems like they have just sunk down to most other hosters - they dont care about you and wont help. When will service companies understand good customer service is key??!
  5. Comes from the shitty telcos. You'd struggle to find fast and unlimited internet in AUS
  6. it dupes all the gear out on the ground for me even without the car being destroyed, can the instructions be a bit more clear?
  7. fastpoint gaming seems a very good choice
  8. youre a rip off. I really hope your "business" goes under
  9. If steam isn't an option then there are no options.....
  10. Copy it's database entry then queary that onto the new severs database
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