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  1. Hey guys, it's great to see this thread still going on and helping people! I however sadly do not have the time so much anymore and am busy with work a lot (sailing the mighty oceans ^_^ ) so if any of you wonderful people that have been carrying out all this super community help wanna pm me with any adjustments I should make to the original thread or additions based on updates to the mod itself please feel free to pm me or simply reply here and i'll get it updated at the next chance I get. Stay awesome Epoch community :D
  2. Okay this seems to be a recurring problem so I will reiterate. Originally there was no 3D editor, only to 2D map editor. The 3D version was added later so allow the community great access to the editor through ease of use. So when Fully says it takes multiple saves to fix the position he is correct, but i'll just explain why: It is because the 3D editor is only essentially an add-on, so there is usually always some communication errors between the position you set it to in the 3D world and the position recorded in the 2D world, and when you save it it takes the 2D recorded position, and shifts all your items true to that information. Saving and adjusting to correct that error multiple times allows you to gradually decrease or eventually eliminate this discrepancy. It's not ideal that is true, but just be thankful they even added it. Or we would not have such a great community here creating awesome new content ^^ Addition* Also for Chainsaw Squirrel, this is because the buildings you try place on top of a dock will more often than not try to follow the contours of the land below it, either that or get confused between the two and just flip out. Best way to avoid this is to know roughly where your dock parameters end then build above where it would be, without actually placing it (using the set vector codes of course). Once all your items are in place then add the docks at the very end. Saves a hell of a lot of time and heartache trust me.
  3. Thanks mgm I am glad it is still helping people. Means more content for the rest of us! ;)
  4. Seen this question pop up a few times now. Nice little picture tut Fully, added to the original thread. Thanks for the input!
  5. yeah lol, and an AK which was in all the initial testing and development too haha. I think it was actually the first ranged weapons they included in the very early closed testing.
  6. The devs have made a specific thread for this topic, to further this topic please discuss it there. /Thread.
  7. Awesome! Thanks for giving this its own thread, I know this was on the minds of a lot of us. Wow, I have a completely different perspective. If the devs open this up too soon for people to start tearing into it and changing/customizing files all it leads to is every server owner trying to make their server unique, this in turn means that Epoch itself has no clear identity, which in turn makes it very difficult to improve/develop the core mod (default A3 Epoch) that is the foundation of every modified server out there. Why is this? Because every player/server owner starts posting up complaining/asking for assistance/giving feedback based specifically on their server/the server they play on. Something that the developers cannot possibly work to fix or improve upon due the the sheer amount of verity of modded servers and their features along with the different technical issues born from them. They need to keep it relatively 'In House' to start with so that we have a good quality, stable, and enjoyable 'core' game to play. With all the features that make it... well, Epoch, fully functioning and ready for use. It shouldn't be a case of: "Okay, they released the files, time to make my own mod". They are putting all this time and effort in to give what we all want Epoch A3 to be, instead of a box of bohemia branded lego with a loose set of instructions. Try to remember that it is these guys who have made the most popular dayz mod, who have listened to all we have said and fed it right back to us through patches and content updates, and who are trouncing the competition in the "Make ArmA not War" contest despite being relatively new to the ArmA modding scene. They are likely to know a lot more than one person and their sever of 50 players. Try to remember these guys don't owe you anything, it is if anything the other way round. They have received no payment for all this work bar that they have received from those of us who truly understand their efforts and are able to donate, yet have still poured 100% into it's development. To sum up: Hold onto your panties and let them do what they have been doing a pretty damn good job of so far. When it is ready, it is ready, and you will enjoy it. What you do with it from there is up to you.
  8. Looks like I hit the mark there then ^_^ This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the response vbawol, I already had faith in what you where doing but now it is concrete. Thanks for clearing this up for us all!
  9. Legal reasons aside the biggest reason this would be a tremendously bad idea is because instead of good quality testers in to give genuine and useful feedback to aid the development of the game, they get a bunch of people with more money than brains who just want to play it early and are willing to pay to do so. They don't end up properly contributing, and have the shield of 'Hey I paid to get in here' to make it difficult/impossible to kick them out again. Worth noting that the above is a generalization, I was not applying it directly to you sm4all ;)
  10. It is not just about the difficulty for admins and admin updating. Let's be honest. It started out as a mod of a mod, but this has turned into so much more, it is by any standard its own game now. As such personally I believe a stricter development path should be followed. Before, with the AmaA 2 mod, because of competition, they had to keep churning out content to keep people interested. I just don't think that is needed anymore, they have earned our trust and respect. They learnt many lessons from ArmA 2 epoch, they know what they are doing, and how they are doing it. As such they simply don't need to conform to the masses opinions anymore. The rush and pressure of getting frequent content updates out is i'm sure one of the reasons that they held so many problems. Steady, stable and consistent updates are far more valuable than the frequent 'proverbial pacifiers' that where often dished out before for the more... impatient players and community members. Even something like what the DayZ standalone is doing right now might be a good idea. The dev team allows for a select and limited number of 'experimental' servers to be run. These servers are used by admins and players closer to the community that are happy to play the new experimental versions, and provide important, structured feedback to the developers. Once that feedback has been acted on and any outstanding issues have been fixed. The stable versions can be rolled out to the rest of the (public run) community to use.
  11. I am writing this to try and understand what sort of development path you guys (the devs) will be following. I know everyone really wants to get in and play the game, we all loved the Arma2 mod and we know that this will be even better. But one massive problem I (and indeed many others) had with the Arma2 DayZ Epoch mod, was how you updated and developed the game. Constant updates to the mod version, followed by various patches and hotfixes. This made life very difficult for the people (myself included) that were running servers, As players always want the most up-to-date version, both existing and potential. My hopes are that you won't bow to the pressure of the 'I WANT IT NOW!!!' side of the community, and give us something that is stable and functional, and if you intend to do an initial release with multiple versions to follow, that you don't release small, highly frequent, and insufficiently tested versions that give the community, and those of us that finance and admin servers for them, so much trouble. I am a significant donator, both simply for the truly great experience you have provided us with, and more recently for the nifty looking T-Shirt :p So please don't consider this a rant/rage post. Consider it simply as friendly advice/feedback from a long time supporter and genuine fan. I love ArmA 3 and have been looking forward to this mod as much as I have titles such as 'The Division', 'The Witcher 3', and 'Star Citizen'. I am not sure how you as developers think of the game you have made and are now making, but there are many of us here that put it in the same class as the titles I have mentioned, and we know you won't let us down. Any response from you guys would be great. Good luck and many thanks, Poncho.
  12. Poncho


    Just checked again, 55/75 as of today, less than 5 days left though! I hope we can get the last 20 for you guys. Otherwise we don't get our shirts and you guys don't get your much deserved donations :/
  13. Hey guys! I have been on a pretty long sea voyage with work, which for the most part has been internet free :/ I'm so glad to see this thread still going and running by itself to keep on helping each other out. I am still at sea now using satellite internet, so if you have or know of anything which you believe should be added to the original post please let me know and I will add it up there as soon as I can. Keep up the good work!
  14. Seems to be slowing down my server a bit :S Since adding: - Authentication takes longer. - Opening doors takes a little while to respond, same with vehicles, basically world interactions are slowed. Get some nasty RPT spam too
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