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  1. Oh, Richie, I just found that Cash machine on Sauerland, now who put there?
  2. Yeah I know, no team. Maybe you could have taken it easy on the quest front (don't do too many things at once), but still, hard work that has to be acknowledged, hands down. I thought about offering help, but with Arma3 Epoch ante portas I think Sauerland is good as it is right now. It's a great map. I wouldn't use the SmoothRoads script. As you said, it hammers things up.
  3. Pff, screw it, the Brits have quite some experience in deciphering German text.
  4. yeah sorry for all ze German talk. Are you strapped with a gag? Oj, it's Welsh :D
  5. ich selbst kann dir das mit L3DT nicht richtig erklären, Momo hat das alles gemacht, aber die Textur (Sat) ist eben 20480² und damit ging es auch. Mit dem Roadtool von Visitor hatte ich nie Probleme, man muss nur aufpassen die richtigen Teile aneinander zu setzen. D.h. die Winkel der Kurven usw. müssen zusammenpassen.
  6. ich glaub dir das deine Sat 16384² ist (hab nicht gesagt dass deine 20480 ist). Ich hatte mich auf L3DT bezogen. Deine GridSize ist 1024, damit dürfte das doch gehen.
  7. Also die Sat die ich hier habe beträgt 20480 pixel
  8. Wegen den Gebäuden die in der Luft stehen bzw. zu harten Kanten - kann dir L3DT empfehlen falls du es noch nicht kennst. Damit lässt sich das Terrain viel besser auch gezielt bearbeiten. Oder bei einzelnen Objekten das Visitor-Script "Show absolute height" und anschließend "Set absolute height", aber das kennst du sicher schon.
  9. Would be nice, however i think it is difficult to leave footsteps in the snow, or traces of blood when someone is shot, and imagine all the sounds from walking on snow. You may also want white trees, and snow on roofs. And who would clear the roads in a Zombie apocalypse?
  10. RU 10 (www.fineworld.org) 3P off, no death messages, etc. the way the game is meant to be played )
  11. what you could do, when you restart your server every 3 hours, is setting the clock after the third and/or fourth/fifth restart of a day to dusk, and then have x restarts with full night and the 7th or 8th restart would be dawn again. I am not a server admin, but i guess it could be handled by several mission.sqm (or .biedi) files with the times set accordingly, and have them run in a cycle. (edited)
  12. The position in the config.bin for Napf is You would need to re-binarize the whole island file if you wanted to change that.. If you want the sun to rise earlier, i suggest to change the month in your mission.biedi (I think that's where it is done?) e.g. to June or July.
  13. Oh ok, the big garages are a third-party addon, nothing much that can be done about it. I think they are part of this package: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15180. The stairs in the fire houses and other buildings - is this an issue related to the placement of the objects? The cave might be serious, definitely worth looking into that.
  14. It's a Swiss map, the fascist movement was not particularly successful there ;) About the bugs: at what buildings/objects do you have them?
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