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  1. Worth a shot... Excuse me kind Epoch Mod'n Team, I know you have a lot on your plate, but would you be so kind as to give some boulders and foliage some classnames in a future update. (crosses fingers)
  2. I noticed on Altis Description.ext that this was added in the latest update Does this mean that they can be added with an editor now? I have the urge to create another volcano. I'm also trying to keep our server core Epoch files only, as to make it easier for people to join without having to figure out what mods they have to download.
  3. Kool B) I meant no disrespect, as this is the internet and sometimes the little things get overlooked. :ph34r: Many times I have gone to help someone "Fix" their pc and only issue was a plug not plugged in for power or video or whatever. So I always ask the obvious when all else fails. :wacko:
  4. As a PC Tech, I have to ask the obvious question. Is it plugged in (did ya repack the pbo)?
  5. @flow0815 To remove the Sappers, have you tried what I posted? I haven't seen a sapper at all on our map. // Epoch-antagonists enabled =1 / disabled = 0 //["Epoch_Cloak_F","GreatWhite_F","Epoch_Sapper_F","Epoch_SapperB_F","I_UAV_01_F","PHANTOM","B_Heli_Transport_01_F"] EPOCH_spawnLimits = [1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1]; Just add it ti an init.sqf file in root of mpmissions
  6. Is it possible to craft an item and keep one of the items required for the crafting? //Yes this will basically use the the Kilo of Hemp as Medical Mary-Jane class FAK : Default { recipe[] = { {"ItemKiloHemp",1}, {"lighter_epoch",1} }; }; class lighter_epoch : Default { usedIn[] = {"ItemKiloHemp", "FAK"}; }; In this example I would like to keep the Lighter from being consumed in the crafting process, as a lighter is something I feel can be used multiple times (especially if it's an Epoch_Zippo lighter). I remember setting up custom craftables in A2 and basicly the items got used, but then item was readded to invantory. Such as a toolbox that made the craftable bike was consumed, but was then a fresh toolbox was added to invantory further down the script. Would it be as simple as (but probably not): class {"FAK", "lighter_epoch"} : Default { recipe[] = { {"ItemKiloHemp",1}, {"lighter_epoch",1} }; };
  7. Kool, good to know, as I was making plans to use them, but in a different way. But may rethink things if the issue is still there. I disabled them before (and after) the updates on our server, and the fps issue is still a major issue. Best resolution I found, till an official fix, is for the clients to disconnect and reconnect, whenever they get bad fps. (The whole fps issue feels like memory cache that isn't getting free'd up properly.)
  8. not sure how removing the Sappers and stuff will help fix fps (which I thought was the topic of this thread). But I will say, I have the antagonists disabled on our server simply by placing the below code in the mpmissions init.sqf file // Epoch-antagonists enabled =1 / disabled = 0 //EPOCH_spawnLimits = ["Epoch_Cloak_F","GreatWhite_F","Epoch_Sapper_F","Epoch_SapperB_F","I_UAV_01_F","PHANTOM","B_Heli_Transport_01_F"] EPOCH_spawnLimits = [1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1]; Removing the antagonists didn't change the fps issue...
  9. I got it on the fresh server i'm setting up too. I wonder if adding more spawn points to the altis.h file in @epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps would help. Was going to try that once i finish up some other scripts i'm tuning
  10. @IT07 Figured ya could use at least a smile amongst all the troubleshooting requests.
  11. Sry, had to do it....It's 3am...brain is a little warped from playing around with scripts all night.
  12. Awesome Work as usual, will be adding it to our server. Quick question though. I would like to use a different object within the base.sqf file for the players to visit. Only problem is, the object I would like to use is a lootable object. Is there a way to "Lock" the item so it can't be looted? as there is no "looted" version of object in the editor. so once a player loots the object it disappears, which i would prefer it didn't. It disappearing when rest of stuff does is okey tho.
  13. @MrEnzO I'm not a scripter by trade, but i feel you wanna do same sort of thing as I do and have a bit more control over when, where and what AI spawn and have these AI geared to specific situations. I would say your best option would be an "If this then do that type of "Array" Basically creating arrays within arrays and making new arrays based of previous arrays results. Take a look at this link for an understanding of what Arrays are and how to create Multi-dimensional arrays. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Array In my previous post ( ) I posted a start on this and was creating different AI sets and assigning gear to them based on the skill levels. As I too wanted to avoid having so much randomness to my AI and map setup. Hope this helps some.
  14. Lol, you'll notice I never asked for a fix for this 8>). Any Unique challenge is still a challenge.
  15. Great idea with having the loot para-drop in after a mission. But one problem I just discovered.... Hmmm wonder if there is a script to make a ladder...lol
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