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    Map description

    Ehm sorry but I don't get what you mean by "map tiles" or what would have to be released in order to make them?
  2. Momo


    This is mostly small stuff which adds more detail level, but the changes in Lenzburg may break a base on some servers so maybe you better warn your players. Changelog for Epoch 1.0.5 - Version 1.0: Added Settlment of Goldwil on the south coast - SOME BIGGER CHANGES IN LENZBURG: - West of the bridge leading to Seltisberg: Small road an new houses - North part of the town, where the Zargabad-Villa was: New settlement of apartment blocks, also added a second General Store - Civilian Harbour next to the bridge: Increased the harbour, some more houses near too - Near roundabout: New small road with buildings; added the Kasarna-Building from Arma1 - Increased harbour at Seltishafen and the settlement there; new road from Seltishafen to Seewen - Increased village of Seltisberg, including a General Store and a Fuel Station - Added a gravel road south of Liestal leading to a church - Added some more stuff at the factory south of Liestal and east of Rorighof - Olten: Some new buildings in the north - Added five very small caves (or rather fake-caves), four of them around the Schrattenfluh, one between Giswil and Froburg - Fixed the pond at the steel bridge between Bunig and Luzern (no more walking in without swiming) - Added General Store in Sorenberg - Added Fuel Station in Schangen - Added some houses in Worb - Added a gravel road near Farnen leading to a small farm - Both main Airfields: Some more stuff around the baracks area (mostly junk, closed baracks and fences, number and position of lootable baracks stays as it was). - Small changes I don't remember... Maybe I find the time to add some graveyards for the patch too.
  3. Momo

    Map description

    Hi and sorry for the long answer time, I needed a break from the project. Maximal coordinates should be 20480 (because the map is 20480m long).
  4. Momo


    Thanks for all this posts. Maybe this thread could be pinned as Feeback-Thread? I made a real fail in my map description, of course it's not 20.4km^2 but 20.4km*20.4km... About the other suggestion: There are 5 places with baracks along the map and about seven Firestations in four/five towns. I won't militarize every city and village, Napf was a peaceful land. That said, there would be place for like two more barack spots, for example I once was thinking about turning Seltishafen in a small military harbour with like 2 baracks. However, you have also to consider that the map is rather big and more military places will spread the players out more, while now, if you want pvp, you will probably get it at the airfields. Also, it is always possible to add baracks in the mission file, but you cant delete them in the mission. So I rather would get more feedback on this topic. before changing anything. Mountains won't get cities on the tops, it would be a rather bad place to life ;) There might come some sort of hotel on a mountain, but no promise there. First order of business is to finish the map (it almost is, but one little settlement at the end of the south coast road is missing.) After that, we will see...
  5. Since the next epoch patch will use my map, here are some short words about it: Napf Island is a terrain based on a region Switzerland, however, it is highly fictioinalized.The map is 20.4km*20.4km big and is using a terrain cell size of 10 metres. Satellite and Mask image have a resolutiuon of one pixel per Meter. The north is rather flat and is the home of two big cities, while the south is dominated by high mountains and a lot of areas there are only accessible by dirt roads or even on foot. The current state of the map is the result of 2.5 years of work and will be almost finished (or maybe finished if I invest a night) for the Epoch patch. So if you tried the version on the BI-Forum, it is highly outdated at this point. Some screens to give you an idea of how it looks (note the view distance in the screens is much higher than in any DayzMod): Capital City of Luzern: http://imageshack.com/a/img834/4333/hvx5.jpg The rather flat agriculture fields in the north: http://imageshack.com/a/img826/9056/f9nd.jpg The Dam: http://imageshack.com/a/img197/7646/9t4e.jpg A small farm somewhere far off of any civilization: http://imageshack.com/a/img202/7431/wwij.jpg Credits: - My Clanmate Flattermann who becomes more and more a Co-Author - Hotzenplotz from URR-Clan for his help with Visitor and Photoshop - AngryInsects-Team for Pre-Beta-Testing and moral support (visit www.angryinsects.de) - Bushlurker and others for many helpful posts in the Editing-Section of the bi-Forums - shezan74 for WorldTools - Mondkalb for his buildings - Marseille77 for the GermanWaysigns Addon. - BIS for making Arma2 Known Bugs: - Ability to drive and or walk through some of the bigger ponds - Small part of Airstrip on the northern Airfield is out of place - Bridges don't like some OperationArrowhead Vehicles - Steel Bridges are looking destroyed from distance - Some buildings are standing too high/ too deep in the ground
  6. Hi, I will upload some images and make a short description today. Bambits Pic is from Beta1 which was years ago, and for the first link it seems my imageshack account is down.
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