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SuperFTlol's Toxic Juice

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Announcing SuperFTlol's Toxic Juice

In partnership with DayZ streamer SuperFTlol, I am happy to announce the deployment of a new, modded DayZ/Expansion server for the community.

* New hardcore Expansion survival server
* First-person only and no weapon crosshairs
* Expansion base building
* No traders!!!

* Lots of fun new weapons and attachments
* Perishable food from animals and humans - cook it, preserve it with salt, store in a fridge powered from a generator
* No fake map, no map markers. We have added the Immersive Map mod to make tourist maps useful at last
* New camos (that fit the Chernarus setting), clothing, food, drink and hardware
* New vehicles including a GAZ truck, VAZ sedans, a BMW for the fast and furious and the Land Rover 110 for the sophisticated
* Expansion helicopters, aircraft, boats and the bus...
* Blood trails  to make hunting human prey a breeze ;)
* Raided someone's base? Leave a note to let them know how much you appreciate their gear!
* Balanced all the new weapons and loot
* Toxic Zones at Tisy and the North West Checkpoint... you want the gucci gear then grab some NBC gear or search for heli crash sites...
* And much, much more!

Server Name: SuperFTlol's Toxic Juice
Server IP:
Server Port: 2352

Restart schedule - 0300/0900/1500/2100 BST, 0400/1000/1600/2200EDT

Visit FT's discord at https://discord.gg/EQaX5V4 or the EpochZ discord at https://discord.me/epochz

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