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Adding to config traders

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I've moved my CfgServerTrader over to my mission folder using this guide by juandayz:

1-Open your server_Traders.sqf  located in Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\

change your line by this:

#include "custom\CfgServerTrader\chernarus11.sqf"

2-Open your description.ext located in Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\

find "CfgServerTrader.hpp"  and Change your line by this:

#include "custom\CfgServerTrader\CfgServerTrader.hpp"

3-Open \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\Configs\  

and Drop "CfgServerTrader" folder into  Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\custom\

4-Open \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\server_traders\

And Drop chernarus11.sqf into custom\CfgServerTrader\

5-  into : \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\Category\ 

you will see a lot of .hpp files.. modify from here your prices and items to sell and bought.

But I can't figure out where to add to Hero trader.

I'm looking in CfgServerTrader/Category/HeroWeapons.hpp and I only see this:

class Category_477 {
    duplicate = 627;

Where is the list of items I see when I bring up menu at Hero trader?

I'm running an Epoch Lingor server.


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