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2019 New Server Manager help

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Hello all,

 Would like to start a new threat about UI and working changes for 2019.


I have finally got the game working on the server but would like to do a few things.

Add a status bar

Add AI missions

Add vehicle spawn control


File to change for increase loot:

-note to follow

File to change for increased max vehicle damage:

-note to follow


Black market trader:


+++++++He-man fix for HS Blackmarket trader++++++++


This would be the basic changes but if you have a functional working addon, please post and link to the thread.  I might be just jacking things up and not finding them.

This is other new server admin like myself to keep the server alive and healthy.



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edit for note making..

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Definitely take a look at the status bar / earplugs / other cool things in He-Man's github at: https://github.com/Ignatz-HeMan

For missions you have a few choices.

for traditional styles of missions SEM by Kiloswiss is nice (and grahame or He-Man may have an updated one), and I have been developing blckeagls for some time.


Vampire has made a very nice town invasion / base attack system that was updated a while ago.

Finally, if you like roaming AI, A3EAI has been working well for me.

I can send you a dropbox link if you like.

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