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WTF do I do with these files?

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I need advice from this Epoch forum. There are 2 issues I need to decide what to do. Do I delete them or keep them? First is the Unleashed mod files. I fixed these and it plays well. Do I just toss them?I tried to share this with the creator of the mod but he didn't seem too interested. Would be nice if it was on a launcher.  Other people would probably enjoy playing this mod, seems like a waste?

The second issue is my own personal mod I made. I made this for my wife and I to play, I never intended to share it but I think people that like survival play would enjoy it. The problem being I used content from; Dayz mod, Epoch, Unleashed, 2017,Epidemic, and some other "things". ( and yes,even a couple things of my own ). The thought of nobody else ever playing this is kind of starting to bother me.:( It was well worth the 1000 hours it took( I'm slow), but I wish others could enjoy it too. I don't want to piss anybody off so I was just going to delete them, BUT, that is proving to be a difficult task. 


Soooooo..... Delete or not?  Where do old files go to die? WTF should I do? Help?        Edit= problem solved

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Uploading content to Steam that you do not have permission to do so will end up with a world of hurt... Uploading DayZ mod or standalone content for an ARMA3 mod will end up with a message from Bohemia's lawyers... so...

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