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Ignatz Tools clarification


Hello all,

I  heard a lot of good things about Ignatz_Tools and i am trying to install them on to my server. No luck.
I am 100% sure i'm not placing everything i need to, into the right locations. I am having really bad luck with the instructions. 

My instructions:

   - copy the files from epoch.mission into your mission file (if init.sqf already exist, paste the code into this file)
   - Add the following lines from CfgActionMenu_self.hpp into this file: "epoch.mission\epoch_config\Configs\CfgActionMenu\CfgActionMenu_self.hpp"
   - Put your servercomandpassword in @epochhive\addons\ignatz_server\config.cpp
   - All other Settings are in Epoch.Mission\ignatz_config.hpp

The files i obtained are named as follows;
Folder- @Epochhive
Folder- epoch.Mission
.txt-      Battleye
HPP-    CfgActionMenu_self
.EXT-    descriptions.ext

The first thing that struck me is servercommandpassword... I don't have one of these, or it's called something else.

I was going to list all the things i had done to accomplish this correctly, but i'm afraid it is much easier to admit upfront i can't put it together right, as i have no idea where to put some of this.

I'm 100% sure i did the init. correctly.
I'm 100% sure i added the description ext. correctly.
I'm 100% sure i modified the CfgActionMenu_self correctly.

One giant hint would be to ask this. Is any of this modified "outside" the epoch.Altis.pbo?
I'm assuming so since i found this \epoch_config\Configs\CfgActionMenu\CfgActionMenu_self.hpp" in my file manager folder.

My major concern is that from server host to server host the files are set up differently

what happens if this isn't done? --->- Put your servercomandpassword in @epochhive\addons\ignatz_server\config.cpp


Hope this is understandable.




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I'm 100% sure the whole thing works, i just don't know where to put them. Your link only goes to show that not all servers or server hosts have or are providing the same base of information.

This is the biggest flaw in these mods really, not all instructions are going to work for all instances.


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The tool also come with an @epochhive folder. Do i place this with the other @mods? if so i already have this folder do i simply add what i don't have?

I hope so because that is what i did the first time around;

added what i didn't have from the @epochhive folder.
added the batleeye exceptions from the battleye txt
added the epoch.mission folder
added modified my description.ext and init.sqf according to provided files.
added the CfgActionMenu_self  lines.

while some of these weren't addressed as instructed i assumed they were for the most part self explanatory. If i am not to add the @epochhive files this might explain a lot.

In either case i cannot benefit from the servercomandpassword unless i add that command myself

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Have a look on the default folder structure for an Epoch Server:

The @epochhive is the default folder for all serverside pbo's.

And you have not to create / add the whole epoch.mission folder. epoch.missions stands for epoch.altis / epoch.tanoa... So it means your mission file

And for the Servercomandpassword, you can test to just add this line...

I think you are using a predefined Epoch Server?! I have never used that, so I am also not sure, if your scructure is different...

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Yes. I went to the server host, purchased an Arma 3 Epoch server for 40 players. The mod came preloaded with @epoch/@epochhive

I'll try adding that, hopefully some function in the background will allow it's use, and it was just removed by host.



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