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Strange effect on screen

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My team and i have a problem with a strange effect on ours screen, it's very annoying to see this when we play, i've put two screenshots so you can see the problem, we can see the effect on the first screenshot and not on the other screenshot because the video settings are open, i don't know why but we doesn't see it in the video settings

So can you tel me what is the problem, if it's a bug or something else ?


Have a good day








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That will quite likely depend on the server and how it has been set up. On our server, for instance, you will find some medical items in the mission crates - but that is only because that is how we have set it up.

I'm guessing that the default is for them to be found among the regular loot, but I suggest you check with the server owners or regular players on the server for specifics.

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