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signature missmatch

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Hi all


Really need some help, installed epoch (zombies and deamons) on nitrado but all I get from client is epoch mod miss match, I have tried this many time last night been trying since around midnight and still going.

I get signature mismatch on the epoch install I have even tried newer versions of the mod incase but still no luck, if any one can help it be great.


Thank you all in advance for any replys

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(moved to relevant forum)

Hey Millkit, welcome to Epoch and the forums!

Firstly,  I would suggest finding out if the Epoch Server files Nitrado are providing are up to date. The latest Epoch version is 1.2.
Secondly, make sure your Epoch client files are up to date by subscribing to the Epoch mod via the Steam Workshop. Files here Epoch Mod

Once you have ensured that both Server & Client files are 1.2 we can move on to the next steps for troubleshooting.


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 installed epoch (zombies and deamons) 

Nitrado install by default? Oh damn, we are on 1.2

I would propose to start with a small local server on your PC (same we have done on startup).

If you get some players, you can have a look for a root server.

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