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[Q] : how working decay timer ? How remoce it

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Hi there,

If referring to the database expiration times.
These can be edited to your liking and are in seconds.
Increase these numbers to keep the db entries longer than default times
Decrease these numbers to have the db remove entries quicker than default times
I do not believe there is a limit to how high you can make these numbers
These entries are necessary for the system to function properly and stay optimized over long periods of time.


Here is the ExpiresBuilding entry I feel you are asking about in reference to "decay"



Here is the function loading the config entry (_maxTTL)
Here is the damage given to buildings based on that number. (_ttl / _maxTTL)


Where _ttl(Total Time from Database) is divided by _maxTTL(Max Total Time from config) and it results in the _damage applied(if any) at server start
Hope this helps you come to the conclusion you need or the direction to make the necessary changes to your liking.

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    • By AllenFromStacysmom
      Hey guys, I wonder if there is a way to change the default price for the base maintain.
      This is my server_maintainArea.sqf in my server pbo

      and i find this in dayz_code

      i changed the price, but in game price still didnt change
      And not quite sure how base decay works. does it just cause damage to building or like just delete when it reachs the date
    • By AllenFromStacysmom
      So, my host is Dayz.st and they are terrible, I have no access to hiveext.ini to change the base decay period.
      And the base maintain isn't working either, When i go to maintain base, it shows "0 Building parts in range"
      But I noticed when the walls are damaged, you can maintain the base, but not the whole base, just a few, like two, three building parts.
      I wonder if there is a way to fix the maintain or add a SQL event to database that does a little damage to the base so players can maintain.
      Thanks ! :D
    • By AllenFromStacysmom
      Hey, guys
      So I have dayz.st for host, which is terrible, because I have no access to hive.int to change the decay time.
      And the default plot pole maintain isn't working ,either.
      When I look at the maintain preview, it shows that 0 building parts in range
      sometimes it shows a few building parts when the walls are damaged.
      So is there a way to fix it, or add a SQL event to database that damage the base a little bit so players can maintain it
      Thanks :D 
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