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(Resolved) DB Question.. her we go again



After some time tinkering with Exile, I thought of setting up a Epoch server. I have installed a server (rented full machine on nfoservers.com) 

Followed the setup guide, but the DB does not seem to load anything . Like many other post i have found with same problem, I cant seem to get mine to work. 

It looks like it starting up, and state that it is ready to accept connections. No dump file no logs nothing. When i log in game, I get to a black screen, can open inventory, but clearly no DB entry made.

My RPT https://pastebin.com/sEvg4qzA  doesent seem to have anything that can point me in the right direction. 

I have read countless post in here with similar problem without any result that help. Google is not my friend either in this matter.

I have open'd port in firewall, open'd Redist server in firewall. Password match in conf and epochive ini file. 

I see in taskmanager that service is running (redist) 

Sooo.... anyone can slap me and tell me what the heck I do wrong here? 




EDIT: Array in admin menu was not correct enclosed. now I got it running. 

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